a new word for random: ad hoc

i love putting pictures of snowie.. i think she’s damn cute.. but she’s been pretty smelly lately :S mum came home and left her blazer on the bed.. so what else better to do with a blazer and a dog on the bed?

cover the dog with the blazer!!!!

hahaha.. don’t look like an office pup though..

she didn’t dare move frm this position.. which is sad.. haiz.. i found this blog that makes hats for dogs!!!


damn cute!!! but snowie doesn’t like anything put on her cos of (bad) past experiences..

such a nice view right! this was a FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN RP when i was STUDYING!!!! 😦 so sad!!!! i think i made alvin like quite sian also.. i was like “OMG!!! THE WEATHER IS SO NICE!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING STUDYING?!?!” hahahaha..

preparation for managing change.. equipped with my pencil box and water bottle.. i’ll admit.. i drink lots of water that i go to the toilet very often.. hahahaha..

walking to woodlands mrt.. it threatened to rain.. lucky it didn’t.. not like the last time.. we walked by the sheltered way to the mrt.. there was this girl who dressed very nicely and she was infront of us.. we caught up with her.. hahaha..

guess who hit the 1,000 puzzle on unblock me? ME OF COS!!! πŸ˜€ hahaha.. anw, the beginner’s level has like 1,200 levels and i’ve finished it!!!! on intermediate now.. haha.. damn addictive la.. n_n

oh yes.. on friday, mummy was off.. so when i was studying, she met jie in town.. then i went back home and we all went to town.. again.. cos mum went to pick up berlinas (type of german donut bread thingy) from marche.. cos the first time she bought (after her german teacher got her addicted to it), there wasn’t much jam in the bread.. so she complained and got free berlinas.. lol.. parked at scape.. jie went for dance.. mama, mum and i walked to 313 and had marche for dinner!!!

i don’t know but… i don’t really like this marche.. to me, it felt kinda claustrophobic to me.. omg.. i think i get claustrophobic easily :S low ceilings does that for me 😦 no more crayfish and yummy food anymore.. the only thing worth mentioning is the rosti.. it’s a crowd favourite and everyone loves it.. the waffles too.. mum ordered one at first then went to get another one cos it was THAT good.. with just butter and honey.. it’s really good.. πŸ™‚

this was after i got my hair done at kimage.. it’s still long.. hahaha.. and whenever i go to the hairdressers, they’ll ask me why i don’t perm my hair.. i mean.. i really want to.. but… I DUNNO!!!! i don’t think i can pull it off :S

my fringe is still long.. haha.. although i was pretty sad when she took my fringe and cut off like an inch of it :O so now it’s more wavy cos it’s shorter..

the football pitch at balestier.. but they played in the cage.. hahaha..

right next to the civil service club! and i saw the pool where jeff had his 21st bday.. didn’t realise it’s so close to the main road.. lol..

this was at ichiban sushi after all saint’s day mass on monday night.. haven’t sung the song “God’s choir” in a long time.. it was damn nice and upbeat πŸ™‚

a pic of mama and jie.. i downloaded this app – WowCamera.. it’s free for a limited time only.. and it allows u to beautify the picture.. looks less pixelated and clearer than the picture above.. hahaha..

more random pictures.. cos i’m random like that..

went to church for actor’s rehearsal and we wore the same tshirts!!!! hahaha.. met jeff and jie and mags for dinner at mos.. when i walked in jeff was wearing his GAP sweater then when he saw me he was like “AHHH!!” and lifted his sweater.. hahahaha.. anw, boston, i miss u dearly 😦

this was again at ichiban that day we went to MBS.. we ❀ jap food.. pls don’t judge us.. lol..

this was a while back when i met up with the boston loves – elvina, silvia, ruizhi and august.. we met at illuma and had ramen for dinner.. elvina gave me back my USA phone but silvia has the charger.. lol.. damn funny la both of them.. i look like i carry an iPhone and blackberry at the same time.. hahaha.. i like this pic πŸ™‚

gerard (hendra) chatted with me on msn last night.. it was pretty funny.. cos he suddenly just talked to me.. and i was like, why u so random? and he was like, it’s not random, it’s ad hoc.. HAHAHA!!! anw, he has forgotten the fun times we had like 4-5 years ago? well, getting married and having a kid makes u forget memories.. unless u’re like me, no life, no future, just lots of past memories..

talking to jacob was really interesting.. was talking about this guy from church.. and he left church cos people were judgmental.. but it was his fault in the first place.. so, aiyah.. what’s past has passed.. we live in the present and in hope for the future..

ok, going to leave for lunch and head RP to meet alvin and derek to chiong MC.. really no juice alrdy.. RAWRRRR!!!!

i really want to be a dinosaur 😦


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