15 minutes and CitySpace

random picture of a steak i had at Aston’s in Sembawang Shopping Centre.. YUMMEH!!!!! cld use my capitaland mall vouchers.. YAY!!! πŸ˜€

new app on the iphone that jie introduced to me.. POPBOOTH.. awesome photos u can take and share and what not..

at least the photos have some span of time btwn them and not shoot consecutively with only a second to spare..

i met my uni friends and we went to 15 minutes in LaSelle college.. i think jie took the car if i’m not wrong cos she was having dance practice in church.. so i left the car in church and headed to town.. got lost trying to find the place.. lol.. kimseng alvin n i were the earliest followed by wah eng n lastly, sara who was the latest.. settled down n ordered our food πŸ™‚

alvin n his chilli sausages.. apparently he doesnt like his picture taken.. lol..

clearer pic of his meal..

kimseng’s wasabi prawn pizza..

sara’s chicken pesto pizza or something like that..

my hamburger πŸ™‚ wah eng’s food came the lastest.. it was fish n chips.. took damn long to arrive.. and not say very fantastic either.. oh wells.. we ate, chatted, then decided to go to another place to drink..

waheng n i on the way to swisshotel.. kimseng recommended this place called cityspace in swisshotel.. its on the 70th floor above equinox..

the view from cityspace..

sara and i..

me in the toilet.. haha..

we had drinks.. n the waitress dropped a drink cos she was holding the tray and laying out the cloth that was meant to be a coaster, then i think the tray tilted too much and waheng’s drink crashed onto the table.. was saying wah eng damn sway that night.. her fish n chips came late then her drink also cannot make it.. haha.. we left pretty late and kimseng was saying how he missed sending sara home cos they used to live near each other.. so i told ks send all of us home la.. haha.. he’s nice that way πŸ™‚ so first was sara, then alvin, wah eng and lastly me.. got home feeling quite shagged and had to wake up early to send the mum n sis to work.. but they really were good times.. talking cock, catching up with each other.. hopefully next gathering will have more pple πŸ™‚


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