last dec, jie and i went to facial at Goodwood park!! went to far east square for lunch.. had chicken rice!! the awesome one on the top level where i used to go when i was in cjc.. omg, how old alrdy!!!!

jie went off and it was raining so i went into CK department store which took over this fashion in far east.. and i found THIS!!!!

omg.. awesome dawsome~!!!! hahahahaha.. SO NICE!!! I LOVE!!! 😀 jie and mum took 2 each one day when they went to work.. and i was *GASP*-ing very loudly and mummy thought what was wrong with me.. HAHAHA..

then came home and went out again to watch WICKED!!! dropped by grace’s house to meet them (al, cy and tiff).. it was raining like MAD!!! it’s been a wet wet WET december and i got soaked going to the car..

was holding extra umbrellas cos we kept taking them out of the car cos it was always raining but never put back into the car.. hahaha.. cy, al, tiff and i went to raffles city and had soup spoon for dinner!!! later drove to MBS and they opened the loading dock as an alternate carpark.. damn good la!! it’s only $6 flat.. cheaper than parking in the carpark itself (in my opinion)..

cy said the macarons here were FANTASTIC!! so we obviously had to try..


one is $3.. ex much.. TWG is $2 each.. anw, had hazelnut which was good!!! pistachio was the best (according to cy) but they ran out.. so had almond, hazelnut and i can’t remember whats the last one.. damn good!!

nice chewy centre and should be eaten ON THE SPOT! hahaha..


us and our macarons 🙂

cy left us halfway cos he had dinner with his family then we went in to watch WICKED!!!! it was really good!!! i really loved it.. we could see everything that was happening..

during intermission, guess who i met.. the EXACT same DAY and same TIME show??? out of like SOOOO many there were…

MARCUS!!!! talked to him and caught up a bit.. havent seen him in eons!


anw, this pic is funny cos he was like eh! take again! *checks picture* ok.. can see my chest.. i was just like huh?? lol..

on a random day, mama and i went to cold storage at causeway point to order some ham and chicken for our christmas lunch/dinner.. was picking out the soups when i came across this:

there’s actually manhatten clam chowder!!! and it’s tomato based but the new england clam chowder is cream based.. hahaha.. bought the new england one cos jie wanted it.. oh wells.. have more to put up.. but….

it’s the 2nd day of work and today was rather dull for me cos i didn’t have much things to do.. just read a lot of things about the company..

ytd, frederick brought me out for lunch and we went to amoy st to have ee mian.. he’s a very nice guy to talk to.. today, my sup got me connected to some other graduates/interns who are all on a different floor from me 😦 but it was alright.. met them and had a nice lunch of duck rice.. ok, damn tired.. good night!


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