Travelogue: Frankfurt Day 1

i know this post is like 3 weeks late.. haha.. so i went to Frankfurt, Germany on Christmas night..

jie and i waiting to board the plan.. we were the first to get on the plane cos mum asked for a wheelchair for mama.. and it was ok la.. hahahaha.. the flight was really empty.. we each got a row to ourselves! 🙂 awesome right.. so i laid across 3 chairs cos i got the middle aisle.. hahaha.. so awesome.. managed to get enough of rest when we touched down..

something i found very funny and disturbing at the same time.. that furby toys aren’t allowed to be switched on in the aircraft.. who carries a furby toy onboard? O.O

mum was coming in at another terminal an hour later so when she was pushed in the wheelchair, we asked to go to a different terminal and the staff was very kind and brought us there.. met mum and had our first breakfast in frankfurt.. we landed at 6am in the morning.. o.O

headed in 2 different cabs to the apts.. mum and i took a detour cos we had to get the key from somewhere else to get into the apt..

went to mum’s apt first.. she was sharing with mama and jie and i were sharing another.. the extra bed was in her apt and i brought it up.. this was what i wore there..

my new boots from marks and spencer 😀 finally had a good shower.. got ready to head out..

how our apt looked like.. reminded me of the one i had in boston but different cos floor was wooden instead of carpet..

the stove..

the door..

walk in closet and toilet to the left..

this is what u see when u enter the front door..

sleeping quarters.. i was sleeping on the floor with the extra mattress..

study table and tv..

dining area.. getting ready to head out..

after we were done went down to mum’s apt before heading out.. they always take such a long time to get ready that jie and i would have to wait for a long while before we actually got out of the building..

mum’s apt has a balcony..

went for  breakfast part 2!!! hahahaha.. at a little quaint cafe called La Perla that was near the central district.. had free wifi!

it was cold and i think jie and i were quite hungry.. we had the american breakfast each!

mummy and i!

after that, we went to the zoo and walked around for a while before heading back to the apt and crashed for a while.. before we headed out for dinner to some german restaurant which was pretty good.. update more soon!

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