a wedding in mid april

char’s sister got married last month and she invited us to sing for the wedding πŸ™‚

the groom is a regular NSF so they had the sword thingy and got friends to wear their uniforms and be part of the celebration.


tristan and i.. he’s SO adorable!!!! and he likes me πŸ™‚

the next series of photos are actually supposed to be the other way, starting from the bottom cos the number of people kept increasing who came into the picture.. lol..

most of us who sang with fr mike who was celebrating the marriage.

started with the 5 of us first. lol.



lunch was provided and we had that before leaving for church.. after mass, sent mama home cos she wasn’t feeling well and jie and i went to woodlands mart for dinner. she gets confused between 888 and woodlands mart.. damn hilarious..

food was pretty good.. walked around and saw this shop that sold tidbits..

SAW HIRO CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! haven’t seen that since primary school!!!!!! OMG!!!!! and it shrank in size.. hahaha.. oh wells.. missed that cake alot!!!! and i bought it.. hahahaha.. yup.. after that, came home and slept..

havent played badminton for the entire month of april cos of easter, then facial and another facial and just decided to start again in may.. hahahaha..


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