2ND part celebrations

After graduation, the family went to bukit timah plaza cos mum wasn’t feeling well and had to buy cooling water. Stopped over there for a while before heading home and napping.

Woke up, changed, dropped mum and sis off at toa payoh to do massage, then headed to tanglin mall. I was early so I walked around and found a shop feeling pet supplies – pet kampong. There, I ended spending $170 for things for my dog. Haha. Maintaining a dog costs money. I bought her a futon that’s made in Australia and durable for around $60. Luckily, my dog is using it. Unlike the pillow I got from tiff. Sigh. Fussy dog. Alvin ans Kimseng called to say that the shop we wanted to eat at in tanglin mall has shifted to liang court. So I drove to liang court instead. Carpark is scary cos it’s so narrow going up. But coming down is ok. Went to Starbucks to wait for the rest of them. Met wah eng and wei jie. Then met the rest. We went to Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant in the basement. Our reservation was at 7pm but by the time we went in and ordered, it was about 8 :S


Finally at the place.


All of us present, hungry and waiting for our food to come.



Alvin’s pork belly soup was the first to arrive. He says it’s pretty good cos the meat was tender.


He is camera shy. Lol.


My teppanyaki cube steak which was awesome!!! It was a set meal. Pretty reasonable price also. Came with beancurd which wasn’t to my liking. But Sara and Alvin liked it. Haha. But beancurd really isn’t my thing. Lol.


Sara’s hamburger steak. Which was pretty good as well. Just seeing this makes me hungry. I haven’t eaten yet. 😦

Didn’t take pics of sherlin ans Kimseng’s food cos they were the last to come and we were busy digging in.

Verdict of dinner experience: as Japanese as it can get. The staff were all Japanese and many of its customers are Japanese as well. Think those Japanese that want good authentic Japanese food can surely try this place. And it’s pretty reasonable too. $181 for 7 people with 7 main courses, 2 cans of beer, tea all round and a plate of sashimi. That’s an average of $26 per person. Pretty reasonable.

After dinner, Sara said there’s the crepe which Iis pretty good. So we went to try it.


My choco banana crepe.


Sara’s strawberry custard crepe.


Us and our crepes. I didn’t really fancy the cream in the crepe. Preferred the custard though. Haha.

After chatting for a bit more, Sara said it’s time to go. We all were working the next day. Sigh. But! A lovely way to end the night! 🙂


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