tiff and i had 2 artscapades this year.. both bought from groupon.. our first was WOOD-CARVING at han’s art.. i wanna go back and do again.. cos my cow got thrown away.. LOL by accident.. no matter..

first, we were given thin piece of wood and we had to carve it using the saw.. then sand it.. paint it with white emulsion i think thats the word.. then blow dry.. sand.. design.. paint! drill hole to make a clock.. damn cute la..


here’s tiff with her mer-cow.. haha.. pretty seashells in the hair..


me and my cow! cow with green spots.. my cow got thrown away by accident.. haiz.. cos it fell down and the clock mechanism spoilt.. there was a bit of a miscommunication and voila, it went into the bin..

we did another arty-farty thing – NAPKIN DECOUPAGE

it’s the art of using napkins to cover stuff.. it’s a french thing.. and napkins can be so pretty!!!!


us and our finished products! 🙂


us with the owners of My Art Piece..


showing the other side.. i like my animal print >.<


so first, we had to spread glue all over the place.. then hair-dry, then place the napkin.. use a sponge to press in the napkin.. hair dry again.. then laquer it.. then hair dry.. and lacquer with second coat.. lots of hair drying.. hahahaha..




YAY!!!! finished product!


we’re happy owners of our art pieces 🙂


we bought the starter kit and wallets.. we’re planning to hold a napkin decoupage party soon.. hahahaha.. fun fun fun!!!! 🙂


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