meet ups

beginning march was one of my good friend’s birthday – Jeo! it’s so amazing that we’ve been friends for 10 years already.. hahaha.. so longggggg.. a decade of my life! :O this year is our year.. and it feels like i haven’t aged at all! hahahaha.. we went to din tai feng..


all present πŸ™‚


happy birthday jeo! πŸ˜€

met up w sara, my good friend i met in uni πŸ™‚ we walked around ion and ate at far east plaza.. so fun to catch up with my sweetie.. πŸ™‚ hahaha..


we had ice cream at ion for dessert πŸ™‚ yum yumz..

my colleague, benedict treated me to Pasta Inc at Keong Saik Road.. he bought a 3-course meal from street deal.. it was really good i must say.. started off w bread and olive oil and vinegar..



my first course – salad w pesto sauce.. i love love love pesto sauce.. he had prosciutto with melons.. authentic italian food.. hahaha.. next up, our mains..


his sausage linguine.


my crabmeat fettuccine.. DAMN AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚ by the time i finished i was beginning to feel jelat.. but was so good!!!


dessert – sorbet and tiramisu.. was really worth it for the price he paid.. hahaha! Pasta inc is having some deals now too!!! go check it out!!!! then, we headed to Oriole Coffee!!!!! i had vanilla latte.. which was super awesome!!!!


such pretty latte art!!! πŸ™‚

since it was restaurant week, i met up with billy and we had a 3-course meal at SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse @ the central..


while waiting for our food..


one pint of hoegaarden!!! one-for-one before 7pm.. hahaha.. appetizer was some seared scallops w pickles.. it was pretty good, the scallops..


my main – baked fish.. the fish pieces were quite small and i was a bit disappointed.. sigh.. oh wells..


his baked pork.. looks so much better and yummy.. hahahahaha..


our dessert.. some mango mousse thing which was pretty good πŸ™‚

felt like a glutton that day.. 2 3-course meals.. hahahaha.. time to work out.. but haven’t been able to as i have been sick.. sigh.. i miss the gym..


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