sea aquarium

tiff and i went to the aquarium a long time ago.. a few months back i think? when iron man 3 came out.. hahaha! us entering the place and walking towards the aquarium..

 photo IMG_0023-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0025-1.jpg

waiting to enter the aquarium!

these fish were BELOW us.. BELOW.. hahaha.. was scared to fall thru it..

seahorse! so small!

huge circular glass thingy in the middle..

i touched the starfish! it’s called chocolate chip something something.. cos it looks like there are chocolate chips on it.. hahaha!

mr cuttlefish. looks like an old man.. HAHAHA!!!

tiffy with fake crab..

me with fake crab.. shld be kept as a pet.. hahahaha!


BLUE JELLYFISH.. sorry, prefer the green one.. Hahaha!

think this was the deep water tank which is super duper HUGE..

school of fish..

quite mesmerizing by the way.. the whole school of fish like travels in a certain direction then it just changes like that.. and then it breaks up and then forms back.. whoaaaa..

we took a break and had some bread i bought from the night before.. LOL.. tired feet..

more fish..


came out of the aquarium..

some screening abt globalisation and how merchants used ships to trade/barter etc etc..

found that cool..

finished with the aquarium, wanted to sit the cable car!! so went to imbiah look out.. HELLO MR MERLION!! i haz camera skillz.. LOL.. 😀

cute merlion!!!! seriously.. lion head and mermaid body.. but the lion head is too cute.. LOL!

me wan hug you merlion.. lolol..

YAY!!! singtel was having 50% off or something like that.. so hello cable car ride!

in the cable car.. was excited yet nervous.. been so long since i sat one of these.. am going to HK Ngong Ping and sit the CRYSTAL cable car!!!! hope my heart can take it.. >.<

us happy in the cable car..

omg this is adventure cove.. hahaha..

RWS..amazing how much sentosa has changed.. it’s really remarkable.. and now there are SOOOO many visitors as well.. sitting the monorail is so scary sometimes.. haiz..

after that, came back and went to shaw to pick up the car.. sent tiff home, then went to watch iron man 3 at downtown east.. easily one of the most memorable sundays ever.. had so much fun and catching up.. need to do this more.. again.. but more.. 🙂


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