Travelogue: Taiwan Day 1 – Hualien

We took a midnight flight to taipei (which wasn’t the best idea).. hahaha.. because we didn’t get enough sleep.. Jetstar is horrible.. Note to self: never travel via jetstar ever.. i think budget airlines cannot make it alrdy.. just found out that Tiger Air has gone bankrupt.. oh wells.. how like that?

so, we got in the morning to taipei.. took a bus to the main taipei railway station..

then took a 2.5hr train ride to hualien..

we got to hualien, checked into the minsu.. and then the hostess got us a cab and whisked us off to li yu tan (li yu lake)..

lovely scenery!!!

our first meal in taiwan!!!

did some paddling on the lake.. no joke man.. butt will hurt because the seats are hard.. legs will hurt because there’s only 3 of us paddling.. LOL!!! and it was always so sian when the wind and current kept changing and we were drifting further away.. LOL

while waiting for the bus, we decided to explore a bit..

took the  bus and dropped at the hua lien station.. wanted to go to a night market nearby but it was 30mins away if walking.. so we took a cab.. the cab driver offered to take us up to taroko gorge (which is one of the must sees when in hualien!) for a cheaper price than the other tourist places were offering..

famous yakitori-ish thing.. they grill the food and put a nice sauce over it.. haha..

then we went in search of a dessert which was very famous.. we walked for very long and got lost before we found it.. lol..

some stuff we saw along the way….


finally reached!

the minsu we stayed at was pretty decent..

it was a good size for the 3 of us.. haha.. enough space.. a bit too pink but it was nice.. 🙂

so that’s that for the first night.. we hired the cab driver mr ho to pick us up the next day and take us around hualien in his cab.. and to drop us off at the airport to take a flight to taipei itself.. 🙂


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