20 June – ArtScience Museum

after the art exhibit, we decided to do more tourist things and ended up at MBS ArtScience Museum.. there were 2 exhibits there that we didn’t mind seeing – Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction and Annie Leibovitz photographs..

outside the museum with the dinosaur.. haha.. his camera lens was still condensing because the 2 deg ice art exhibit was pretty cold.. lol..

our tickets!

trying to be funny with another dino inside..


hahaha.. follow the dino footprints to the exhibit!!!

scary looking dinos.. hahaha.. learnt from their prehistoric time, how animals actually came about, then dinosaurs.. and then their extinction.. pretty informative..

huge ass dino replica..

so after that, we headed to the photog exhibit.. we couldn’t take pictures there.. after walking around, we were hungry.. when we came out, we saw the clouds were so amazing!!

so just had to get some shots.. it’s pretty rare to see the clouds like this..

a whole day of walking around.. was indeed tiring.. but fun! 😀


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