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Foodlog: Potato Head Folk

one friday night, we decided to celebrate steph and seb’s engagement! and where else better than to try out Potato Head Folk?

unfortunately, we didnt make any reservations, but thank God we managed to get a place at the Studio1939 lounge. it was dark, music was a bit loud and there were some creepy decor.. but what can’t alcohol do? HAHAHA.. we settled in and ordered drinks and burgers..


the fries! it was a bit spicy but had a nice kick to it..


one of the burgers.. i thought the stickers looked cool.. however, my burger was wrong so they had to bring another one for me. it wasn’t that fantastic in my opinion.. but steph, who had the wagyu beef and foie gras in it said it was pretty good..


how about some alcohol? well, cider in this case for me.. was driving so it was better to get something not so heavy..


here’s a cute pic to end off the night with.. a lovely *ahem*couple*ahem* HAHAHAHAHA.. thanks for the much fun and laughter.. LOL!

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