Travelogue: Phuket, Thailand

Went on a short holiday to Phuket, Thailand in May 🙂

When we reached the airport, we had an airport transfer to the resort. We booked with Amari Phuket because they had a promotion when staying for 3 nights. They have many special offers because the resort has just finished renovation. A driver picked us up and we were on our way to Phuket, which is one hour away from the airport.

I thought it was pretty thoughtful of them to provide us water and a wet towel to refresh ourselves after our flight..

on the way to the resort, the streets of Thailand..

when we arrived, we got upgraded to the seaview.. the rooms were situated along the coast.. we were super near the waters!

What better way to spend time in Thailand than to have a massage? According to tripadvisor, people have mentioned that it’s only a 20min walk to Jungceylon, the biggest mall in Phuket. So after walking for a while, we stopped to buy some slippers because n’s were breaking.. lol.. so when it finally broke, he managed to change. we asked the shopkeeper how far were we from the mall, she mentioned that we’re about 20mins away.. and we were like :O “I THOUGHT WE JUST WALKED ABT 20MINS JUST NOW!!” hahaha.. so yeah.. it was tough because it was warm too.. so we continued walking and FINALLY reached the mall..

We welcomed the aircon willingly. first up, we got a massage, and i got myself a mani/pedi before heading for dinner..

I got tiffany blue fingernails and toe nails 🙂 we went to the food court to have our dinner.. the tables were brightly coloured and i thought the pic was apt.. haha..

we had Phad Thai and Oyster Omelette. O.M.G. the oyster omelette was SUPER DUPER GOOD!! but it was a bit too much for both of us to share.. lol.. the food court was like kopitiam where there had to be a card with value in it that is bought from a counter and then given to the food stall to deduct the money..

panoramic view of the foodcourt.. we were there pretty late, so most of the stalls had closed.. but lucky for us, the food stall we ate at was open and SUPER YUMMY! 🙂

not sure what i was asking n when he took this picture.. but funny! hahaha.. yes! i braided my hair too!!

we took a taxi back to the hotel.. it’s quite cheap and even cheaper if you take a tuk tuk.. this trip was the first time i took a tuk tuk. Thank God that it wasn’t as scary as many people described. I was in club med phuket when i was 10-ish and mama and mummy kept going on about how dangerous tuk tuks are.. but i guess 15 years later, it didn’t really matter.. HAHA..

we decided to use the pool on the second day. thats my brekkie. 🙂

lounged by the pool until lunch time, then we washed up and went in search of Sabai Sabai. To which, we failed. and decided to eat at a seafood joint parallel to the beach. we have confirmed that any restaurant or food joint in phuket tastes good! so it didn’t matter where we went.. haha..

am always intrigued with the cute bottles!!!

fried calamari with salt and pepper.. it was really tasty..

rice came in this cute clay bowl which was hot actually.. lol..

grilled prawns

crayfish with CHEESE.. we couldnt order much because there was just 2 of us.. sometimes it’s so hard to eat a lot of variety.. haha.. but the food was just yummy!!! although we had to fight with flies that were hovering very closely.. lol..

the view from our room.. there was someone picking clams i think..

looks postcard worthy right? the next picture is even better!

the SUNSET. i love the hues..

a panoramic view from our room balcony!

we got one free dinner for our stay.. there are different themes at the hotel’s main restaurant.. so we chose the one we thought was the most worth it (expensive) hahaha! it was seafood bbq night.. we didn’t take any pics cos it was quite dark.. the food wasn’t as tasty though, unfortunately.. but hey, it’s a free meal 😛

can’t remember what we were doing that night, but we walked back to the hotel.. it’s actually uphill.. and then downhill to our room because we were situated along the beach.. on the first level. to put things into perspective, the lobby/reception was level 3? hahahaha.. and there were only STAIRS.. albeit one small lift at the corner of the resort, so we just stuck to walking..

we kept going back to junceylon because it was airconditioned and we could have massages.. we went back to the same shop we have been patronising since day one.. we had the thai massage.. unfortunately, i laughed while she was cracking my back and i pulled something near the wing.. hahaha.. sian.. so we got lunch and then headed back cos i was feeling uncomfortable..

i think it’s funny that whenever we visit any country, n makes it a point to try out the burgers.. mainly because singapore doesn’t sell pork burgers..

what we ate.. actually, we were more entertained by the wifi password at the bottom of the receipt.. lol..

and thai sweet chilli sauce.. oh how i have missed you.. can’t believe that sgp macs doesnt give sweet chilli sauce anymore.. oh wells..

after that, we took a tuk tuk back and lepaked the rest of the day in the room.. hahaha..

the next day we checked out and were heading back to singapore.. in the airport, we spent some of our baht on souvenirs and found these 2 cloth fans and bought one for each of us.. only i have been using mine thus far.. lol!

the colours are so pretty right!!! anw, obvious that the green is mine 😛

oh, and another funny picture because we bought a lot of souvenirs (t-shirts) from a random shop, the owner gave us a headband.. i thought it was pretty cool.. hahaha..

well, till we meet again, Thailand! can’t wait for our trip to Krabi in Jan! 😀

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