Daughters of St Paul Concert 2015

We were asked to perform for the Daughters of St Paul concert in November last year. A small group of us were formed and I was really blessed to be able to perform alongside these talented people! 🙂

The concert was to take place at 2 different locations – Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and Risen Christ.

There were weekly trainings leading up to the event and it was indeed a rewarding event. We had so much fun..

The OLPS concert was on a Friday night. We reported early to set up and warm up before the performance.


The girls who performed.


This was our entire group 🙂 we were the backup choir..


Us before the concert started at OLPS..

The next night, we were at Risen Christ. It was indeed a tiring day for all of us as we had choir practice, mass and then the concert after that.


The girls because the guys were not needed for some songs 😛


My sister and I with Sr Tracey after the concert.


Sr Jocelyn and us 🙂


Nat & Nat 😛


Some of the sisters with the priests that were helping out for the concert as well.

It was indeed a very memorable night and we are so blessed to be apart of it 🙂

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