Christmas Caroling 2015

Last year, our Christmas caroling started early – on 5th December. That was because we were singing for Pedestrian Night along Orchard Road. The first Saturday night of the month, Orchard Road closes for a period of time. We managed to get a chance to perform along Orchard Road!

5th Dec – Pedestrian Night


Sam and I while waiting to set up.


Us on stage outside Takashimaya


The whole group after the performance. Unfortunately, that night was super warm and humid and just very sian to be standing around doing nothing.

17th Dec – Carmelite Monastery


Our yearly caroling for the Carmelite sisters. The acoustics were amazing and we could not have asked for a better audience 🙂

23rd Dec – Sentosa

This is our 3rd time and 3rd consecutive year that we’re performing at Sentosa Merlion Park. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday instead of the weekend so not many people turned up for the earlier performance at 5.30pm. We had a second performance at 7.30pm and that one was definitely much better and more fuller sound with more people performing with us.



another caroling down!


The entire group after both performances 🙂

24th Dec – Goodwood Park

Our last and final caroling for the year was on Christmas Eve at Goodwood Park. Keep in mind that we had to wake up early for mass the following morning and we were all singing for it too! We had 2 performances that night as well. One at 7.00pm and the next at 8.00pm.


Photo taking after our performance! 😀


The Sopranos 😀


Collage of the sections. Guys were just combined 😛


Nice, normal picture of the group.


This is our fun shot. LOL!

Im glad to be part of this group. 🙂

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