Trickeye Museum 2015

Before we wrapped up 2015, we had one last trip to Sentosa to visit the TrickEye Museum! Thanks to Tiff who hooked me up with tickets when she brought me for the media event to unveil the new set of exhibits.

Apparently the carpark at RWS is so large that there’s another entrance to the the first floor which is on the other side of USS. And just so happens to be the same side as the trickeye museum!

It was Mama and Jie’s first time at TrickEye so there were many pictures of them. Haha. Let the pictures do the talking!



Ride that turtle!


She finally got a picture of herself and the panda!


This was a new exhibit that I didn’t see before. So take picture!


My grandma can do yoga poses, yo!


Haha. This one is just showing off 😛

After we finished with the museum, it was lunch time! we headed to Slappy Cakes for lunch. Nothing fantastic. Just fun to make your own pancake shapes etc. But the taste wasn’t that great. After that, we headed home.


Found out that Snowie had her bath and wasn’t fully dry. So here’s my brushing her and blowing her dry!


She’s such a cutie!


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