Wise no more

I decided to get my wisdom teeth extracted before I start work at a new company. It has been on my mind since May 2015, ever since the dentist told me that the wisdom teeth on my right side has not grown properly.

I made an appointment at Smile Dental (East Coast Road) because the dentist I was recommended (Dr Chan) was located there.

After hearing sooooo many horror stories about getting wisdom teeth removed, I was a bit sceptical on whether I should drive there or not. Because of the local anaesthesia and what nots. I was also told that if it was surgical, I can claim medisave. I brought Agnes along with me because I was afraid I would not be able to make it back by myself. We took a bus there and back. I was 30mins early for my appointment. After registering myself, they brought me up to the dentist’s office and I waited for the assistant to call me.

He took a look at my teeth and heard my grievances and then told me what my options were. Apparently, my bite has a gap. And being 26, my wisdom teeth are not going to grow out any more. Also, because of the gap, food tends to get stuck in it and sometime my cheek will get an ulcer because of the friction and being bitten on. haha. Either I maintain my teeth well and put more fillers so that food would not get stuck, or I pluck them out. I did the latter. The previous dentist I went to told me that it would cost about $500 or more to surgically remove my wisdom teeth. Also because x-rays would need to be done to see how the bottom tooth is growing, cos it could be pushing against the rest of the teeth.

However, this dentist asked if I had the x-rays, to which I didn’t have. And didn’t even request for me to take the x-rays. He just said that he’ll extract my wisdom teeth there and then.

First, he applied some numbing cream on my gum and then took a huge ass syringe and needle and started injecting LA into it. He then requested for a 2nd cartridge and started poking my gums with it. After that, he told me to wait outside for 5-10mins for the LA to take effect. But I kinda felt the effect quite immediately.

Anyway, I waited outside and then went back in. Then he started the extraction. It really felt like a surgery room because he was requesting for forceps. But I guess that’s to grab onto the tooth and haul ass it out of the gums. He did the top one and then moved onto the bottom one. He had to hold my head in place while he used brute force to loosen the bottom tooth and then pluck it out. I was actually thinking that he’s damn strong la! So yeah. I decided to keep the teeth! They didn’t wash it for me though. It was like, all red and bloody. With flesh sticking to it. LOL.

After that, I went back to reception and waited to be called to make payment. Since it was just extraction, it was super affordable! SGD$110 per tooth! Painkillers and gauze included. My right side of the mouth just felt numb and sore.


The one on the left with the filling is the bottom wisdom tooth, while the one on the top is the right.


Dr Chan also explained to me that the roots for the bottom and top teeth are different. With the top having 3 roots together, while the bottom only has 2. My bottom wisdom tooth was actually decaying (there’s some black parts). But I’m just so glad that it’s out now. The pain subsided after 3 days and I could eat normally already.

I’ve been sleeping so much I’m not sure if it’s cos my body is recovering from the trauma of having both teeth forcefully taken out. Since the 2nd day, I had this itchy feeling in the gums. Which, according to everyone, means that my gums are healing. But it’s not fast enough! 😦

Anw, I’m just glad that there are no stitches or drilling involved and that I can function almost normally on the first day. I guess that lots of bed rest is needed for the body to repair itself despite feeling ok.

I’m just glad that I don’t need to pluck out the ones on my left side. LOL.

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