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Travelogue: Krabi, Thailand

N’s colleague asked if we would be interested in going to Krabi early 2016 with his wife and her friends. Since we have not been there before, SIGN US UP PLEASE! 🙂 we’ve heard many nice things about Krabi. Especially from my ex-colleague who went there twice. He did mention that going there once was just about right. Anyway, Jenny did most of the planning and we just agreed and went along with the agenda.

We flew on a Sunday afternoon and reached there in the evening. While waiting for Jenny’s friends to arrive, we checked into our accommodation at Mini House at Aonang Beach. It was a very quaint place. We wanted to stay in a villa since there would be 7 people altogether, but it seems that it’s more expensive than staying in a hotel. There was a welcome drink, and the reception guy was pretty cute to boot!


Greeted with water and a pack of cookies each. We brought the cookies along with us for our kayaking trip the next day 😛 Mini House is on a hill which, at the bottom of it, has 7 eleven! It’s not a very steep hill, unlike the time at Phuket. This one was a short walk. And it was good too, nestled away from the bustle of the streets. It was really quiet and N had trouble sleeping because he could hear the mating call of a lizard just outside our room and water dripping. I thought I would have trouble sleeping, but no, not me! 😀


We didn’t get a king sized bed so it was just 2 twin beds pushed together. The room was very spacious and clean cut.


There’s the door, and to the left, is the toilet with vinyl flooring! It was pretty interesting. So vinyl IS water resistant. The wardrobe was an open concept to the right of the door. And there was a cement ledge below the TV (where the luggage is) that stretches to the dressing table. There are no mirrors in the room, only in the toilet.

Before Jenny’s friends arrived, we were feeling a bit hungry so we bought some road side pancake.


Banana pancake with condensed milk on top. It was really yummy!



Smaller long-tail boats for tours. We also walked along Aonang Beach and caught the sunset. It was really beautiful!!

After Jenny’s friends arrived, we went for dinner at Massaman Restaurant, which was good and super affordable. We then headed for a massage down the road. Went back after that and got ready for the next day’s agenda.

DAY 2: Kayaking Trip

The day before, we paid THB 500 each to go for a half day kayaking trip in Bor Thor. It’s on the outskirts of Phuket so the bus ride there was about an hour long. We went through a cave, but since the mangrove was low tide, we couldn’t travel further out in case we got stuck. So we turned around and went to visit another cave with drawings in it.




The first cave provided shelter from the heat. It was really cooling inside 🙂

We didn’t take pictures of the second cave though. lol. But we had to disembark our kayaks and climb into the cave. It was pretty scary because it was limestone and a bit slippery. Really had to be careful. We wore shorts, slippers, dri fit tops and a cap and lots of sun block and mosquito repellent because we didn’t want to get burnt or bitten.

After the kayaking trip and freshening up, we were picked up from the hotel to have dinner at Lae Lay Grill which overlooks Aonang Beach.


The long arduous way up to the restaurant itself. It was a workout in itself. And we were anticipating a good meal.


The scenery from the restaurant. We were given a high table and we ordered individual dishes. N and I shared their platter with lobster. Well, they did debone the fish and it looked like one piece on the plate.



The platter N and I shared. It’s really A LOT of seafood. Too much for 2 people to handle >.< We didn’t even eat the crab. We celebrated Jenny, JJ and N’s bday that night with 3 plates of chocolate lava cake dessert. The cake was super rich and yummy, but it was a bit jelat after a while. I would say dessert trumped!


N and I survived on 6L water bottles from 7 eleven. They were pretty cheap. We bought 3 which lasted us the entire trip! Best to keep yourself hydrated in Krabi. It’s quite dry and hot. And I have been getting headaches after our day trips.

Day 3: 4 Island-hopping Tour.

All of us signed up for an island-hop tour. We decided to take the long tail boat because it’s less choppy on water. And less prone to getting sea-sick. The only way up and down this boat is by a ladder that is hung on the sides of the front of the boat and you have to step into the sea. There were about 40 people on the tour? It was a REALLY HUGE GROUP.


This is Chicken Island – because the peak looks like a chicken head. We went open sea snorkelling for a while near chicken island before heading to another island to have lunch. It was pretty interesting, but I would not go for it again. Because N and I do not like the beach that much. Unless the beach is in our backyard and we can go back and bathe straight away.

After heading back from the islands, we showered, changed and went for a massage 🙂 we tried to find one that was near our hotel, so we can meet our friends back at the hotel before heading off for activities. We found one nice place at Lanna Beach Guesthouse. We met a masseuse – Meow, who was super chatty and loved talking to us about her family. I also got my hair braided before we left for dinner.


Being a bit nom-y after the massage, we went to have some snacks!


We had the spiral potato, which is akin to the Korean street snack. This one, is DA BOMB. he makes it from SCRATCH. Like. One potato. Then he cuts it using a device. Then he soaks it in some water then makes the tempura coating. After that, he takes the potato out, skewers it and drags it along the stick to space it out. Then covers it with the tempura and then DEEP FRIES IT.


Yes, it’s being deep-fried at the moment. When it’s done, he puts it in wax paper and asks what kind of sauce you want. For me, I wanted cheese, and he puts cheese POWDER and sprinkles it everywhere. O.M.G. PARTY IN THE MOUTH! N and I were totally addicted to this snack. LOL!


This pancake place was recommended by Meow to us. She says it’s a MUST-HAVE. So we tried some different flavours, but it felt like it was roti prata w honey. So actually, the banana and nutella one is the one to try 🙂


As it was close to dinner time, lots of other small stalls like these were being set up by the roadside. Being the gluttons we are, we ordered Pad Thai with shrimp. On hindsight, we shld’ve gone with chicken, but it’s too late for that now. HAHA. We brought our goodies back to the hotel and had them before going out w Alex and Jenny for dinner at Tanta Restaurant where we had PIZZA! The pizza was really good in my opinion 🙂

After dinner, Jenny and I wanted to get henna done on our hands before we left. The place near our hotel – Dao Art Gallery provided henna services. However, she was with a customer so she asked us to come back later. Alex and Jenny went for a massage while N and I went back to the hotel to slack before heading back.

We were asked to scroll through Pinterest for Henna ideas and she can copy it almost perfectly! While scrolling through, we saw a picture of a penguin and N said he wanted it done!


The aftermath of our henna 🙂 we were told to leave the paste on for 2 hours until it dries fully. But N (being an engineer), tried hairdrying it and it worked! haha. The picture above was after we peeled off the scabs. Cute right!

On the last day, we wanted to do another massage before we head back. So the 4 of us went to Lanna Beach to get a thai massage. Unfortunately, Meow wasn’t there, she went back to Chiang Mai to see her son. We were sad we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Service everywhere is the same. If there are no customers, there is no money. And in Krabi, there are not as many tourists as there are in Phuket.

I would go back to Krabi actually, to do other things, like try out the shooting range and visit Phi Phi Island. Interestingly though, they do not have jet skis or paragliding in Krabi. But it was a really interesting trip. We accomplished so much in 3 days and were aching like mad after the kayaking trip. LOL.

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