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Reno talk: Kitchen Aid

Ever since we’ve been scouring for items to buy for our new house, we’ve been visiting Mayer. We have finally bought our hood, hob and oven. There was a promotion that the Mayer saleslady was telling us about KitchenAid. Since I like to bake, we sincerely considered getting it. But we decided to deliberate on it first before making any harsh decisions that night. (Also because N’s mum has 12% rebate at Tangs)


So this LOVELY PISTACHIO KITCHEN AID IS NOW MINE!!!! MUAHAHAHA. I am super duper stoked! In addition to the mixer and all the other accessories that come with it, my beloved fiancé bought me a glass bowl mixer and a spatula.


The spatula, because it’s silicon and I was browsing through the KitchenAid product catalogue, I saw this scraping system thing that scrapes the sides of the bowl WHILE mixing. I pointed it out to N and he mentioned that it’s about $130 thus he spatula, which only cost $34. YAYS. I AM SO HAPPY. I CAN’T WAIT TO START BAKING.

This year, a lot of exciting things will be happening! I hope that in time to come, I will get through all the different changes without any problems 🙂

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