Foodlog: Pasarbella Suntec City

Crosswired came together for a meet up after learning that Andrea is back from Australia 🙂 Since she wanted to try out Pasarbella, we went to the outlet in Suntec City. It was a weekday night, I parked at the wrong carpark (needed to work a long distance just to reach the north wing) and the whole of Suntec looked dead except Pasarbella. It was difficult for us to find seats for 7 of us. But a group of 6 left so we swooped in and got the table 😀 thank God. So here’s the food!


salmon chirashi don with greentea infused rice? It tasted quite nice and light and refreshing.


Thai-sauce crabs. It was… difficult to eat because the crabs weren’t cracked properly and there was no nutcracker given. Jo kindly went to request for a cracker from them so we could eat the crab properly. lol.


This was also from Cajun on Wheels – all the shellfish i.e. mussels, clams etc. I can’t remember what the sauce was. But they let you choose the types of sauce you want with the seafood.


The best meat platter which was super good. Albeit the potatoes because they were really hard. The ribs were really good, meat fall-off-the-bone kind. haha. that’s how I would describe it 🙂

We had other stuff like fried mushrooms, spam sticks!, lots of seafood from Cajun on Wheels and drinks. It was a great night of catching up and hanging out 🙂


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