Chinese New Year 2016

As the years pass, Chinese New Year seems less busy. This year, we were rostered to sing for Chinese New Year mass in church on the first day morning. We woke up feeling less than recharged and headed to church. After mass, all of us came back to have lunch and wait for other guests to arrive.


Jie and I in church. We’re like wearing totally opposite colours. I like the top. I got it from Toa Payoh Central, the pop up shops outside POSB/NTUC that area. It’s only $18! Super comfy and light. I bought 2 tops from the seller. Last minute buys for the new year. HAHAHA.

Since it was a tradition to “bai jia” (kneel and offer oranges) to our elders, I made snowie bai to mummy so she can get an ang bao. AND SHE DID! 😀 hahahahahaha..


Snowie totally failing because she started licking and smelling the oranges :S


getting distracted by the camera woman (jie) lol.


Snowie and I! 🙂 well, she’s afraid because we’re in the balcony and there’s no grilles. LOL!

The first day, we started out late. But we ended up at 4 houses. First was my grand aunty, then my grand uncle’s house. Then home to bathe and change before heading to one of my aunty’s house then having dinner at another aunty’s house.

After dinner though, I went to N’s house to visit his parents. Unfortunately, the kolo mee that his dad cooked was a bit too spicy for me despite smelling damn yummy. But it’s alright, since we already had dinner at my aunt’s house.

The next day, we headed to dad’s side of the family. It was my first time introducing N to them since last year Tua Pek (eldest uncle) didn’t hold lunch at his place. So… everyone was like Hi hi hi hi hi. Well, this is going to be the last year that I will collect ang baos 😦 oh wells. Nvm la, just go and chat w relatives can already. LOL!

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