Sentosa – Tanjong Beach

Jie and mum were on leave on the 3rd day of CNY, so we decided to go to the beach! and bring snowie too! The weather didn’t look very promising cos it was like cloudy and looked like it’s going to rain. But thank God that it didn’t rain and it was a pretty cooling morning at the beach. Tanjong Beach Club wasn’t open that morning so we didn’t manage to get a bed. However, we managed to score some beach chairs that were near the water. A lot of people started coming near noon time.


Snowie excited to be at the beach! 🙂 there were many doggies around and she was a bit shy around them. If any came too close, she would bare her teeth. But lucky she didn’t bite or growl at the other dogs.


Snowie with the sister and I. Snowie was super wet from swimming. She didn’t really want to swim far and only came to where I was standing in the water. LOL.


Her little furry butt frolicking in the sand. She decided that after a dip in the water, she would rub herself in the sand. LOL. her nose all kena sand lor. Tsk. After walking around the beach and exploring, we decided to make a move. Also because it was lunch time and we were all hungry.


Headed to the toilets to shower. And got the dog washed up as well. Well, as best that I could. There was a lot of sand on her. Lol. So that was our day at the beach!


The sleepy one after playing at the beach.

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