Travelogue: Muar

Honestly, I didn’t know of Muar until I met N’s friends who were from there. It’s actually between JB and Malacca in Malaysia. We went up to Muar for a photoshoot with a friend’s friend who is a photographer – HOW-Studio. We drove up on Wednesday morning after having brekkie at mcdonald’s. We crossed immigration pretty quickly and headed towards Muar.

After visiting some of our friend’s relatives, we went to eat Mee Hoon Kuay. This is different from the ones in Singapore. Yes, it is hand makde still, but it’s really just different. And in Muar, all we did was eat and eat and eat. It was non-stop eating! hahaha.


My dry mee hoon kway without chilli. Our friends had dry with tom yum and it was actually pretty good. I didn’t order that cos the food that’s spicy tend to be pretty spicy which I think I won’t be able to take.


This is N’s soup mee hoon kuay. The soup had some spice in it and I think it’s cos there were some chilli padi inside. LOL.

After that, we headed to Jenny’s dad’s bak kwa factory and then went back to their house before going to a chalet where we were celebrating Jenny’s mum’s bday.


This is Angel, Jenny’s cocker spaniel. Very cute and smart girl. She actually took N’s sock that day and the next day, she took my sock! lolol.. She’s really damn cute la.


This is Chipsmore. A toy poodle which is super attention seeking and would try her luck at getting food if she can. She belongs to Jenny’s younger sister.


She’s so cute la..


This is her favourite hiding spot, under the coffee table. But she needs to squeeze a bit to get underneath it because she’s a bit pudgy. LOL.

Jenny’s family were super hospitable during our time in Muar.

The next day was the photoshoot, got up bright and early to get make up done and had chicken rice balls and tau huay for breakfast. Pretty yummy 🙂 the food in Muar tastes really different from Singapore. After the photoshoot, we headed out to eat char kway teow with otah and milo bing from a very famous stall in Muar.

We then headed to a secluded beach nearby to do some casual shots outdoor. For that night, we checked into a hotel – PPT Muar Hotel, which was a pretty decent budget hotel suitable for a night’s stay.

After refreshing ourselves because the whole day shoot was tiring, we headed to a restaurant to have dinner with Alex’s relatives. The food was super good. We had otah, assam fish (cod fish which they brought themselves), squid with petai, deep fried squid and bean sprouts. All the dishes were SUPERB! especially love the deep fried squid. SUPER YUMMY. I really think the batter that they use is really different from Singapore.

We ate till our hearts content and then headed back to Jenny’s place, where her brothers brought back pork burgers for us. They are the founders of T&S Fusion Burgers and their pork burgers are AMAZING! Imagine, we just had dinner and now we are having burgers for supper! LOL. Really too much food for us to try in Muar!

The next day, we checked out of the hotel and had Bak Kut Teh for brekkie with the family. The bak kut was really nice and tender, the soup was the herbal kind. A really different taste from the ones in Singapore which tend to be peppery. Their eggs are also shiok. Egg omelette with chai poh (preserved vege). Really tasty!

After breakfast, we hung out at Jenny’s house and her mum made birds nest soup for us. omg. Really spoilt to the max. The birds nest was also so shioks! It was gooey and thick with red dates. YUM!

Then, onward to Alex’s relative house again to have lunch. There was the pork vinegar, red wine chicken and vegetables. Then there was red bean soup for dessert. The red bean soup had black glutinous rice in it which made it taste even better! Then, she cooked goreng pisang (fried banana) and min chang kueh with peanut and corn in it! we really put on weight from all the food we had in Muar.

I would definitely go back to Muar to check out the food.

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