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Foodlog: East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Despite staying so near the Food Village in East Coast, I rarely go over (probably in the mornings when they’re not open) hahaha.. anyway, N and I were running errands (read: buying fans) at Ubi. We couldn’t decide where to go for lunch after that, so we headed back home because we needed to pick mama up before going to church.


Our humble lunch. Oyster omelette, char kway teow, bbq chicken wings and chin chow. We felt a little bit hungry still after all that, so we added mutton satay 😀 didn’t take any picture cos it was wolfed down very fast.

Anw, something interesting happened. We were having lunch and a man from another table, when he left, he picked up something a few seats away and asked if the card belonged to us, placing it on the table, before walking away. We took a look at it and… it wasn’t ours. haha. it was an ez-link card. I didn’t have much mutual friends with the person but luckily, N had mutual friends on facebook and managed to get his number. N mailed out the ez-link card and he got it back. It was pretty interesting because he’s like born in ’95 and N had mutual friends on fb with him. But it’s probably because he had some younger ICT mates. HAHA.

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