Foodlog: Dancing Crab

we met at vivocity for dinner. Since it was a Friday, we couldn’t have meat so we decided to try out Dancing Crab on the 3rd level. I heard that this is the place that pours out all the seafood (that comes in a bucket) onto the table and you just get your hands dirty in it.


we were given aprons to wear because eating crab can be a messy ordeal.


we added cajun fries to our dinner because we couldn’t resist fries. haha. but we were shocked by the portion when it came. I think it was better for 3-4 pax. The table next to us even packed back their unfinished food!


This is our seafood combo with zesty garlic butter sauce! we opted out the sausages and they put more corn, carrots and potatoes for us. we were very tired after eating all the crabs. HAHAHA. actually, there was only one crab, some prawns and clams. the sauce was very good. recommend dipping the fries in it too!

We saw many couples and big groups of people arrive. I guess it’s a good place to bond and get your hands dirty too. HAHA.

We decided that we would probably not go there again. But am glad to try it out once though. It’s just too tiring for the both of us.

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