Easter Vigil 2016

After 3 years, we’re rostered to sing for the Easter Vigil this year again! It was a pretty nice event because there’s baptism included as well. This mass usually lasts at least 3.5hrs depending on how many baptisms/anointing of chrisms and confirmation there are.

Anyway, I love it because when mass starts, the whole church is in darkness. Then, the Paschal candle comes and the priest marks it before lighting it up. And then the light is passed throughout the church. Symbolising Christ’s light for the world.


when the flame was being passed around. The whole church literally lit up. It was amazing actually. This is also the mass where there are 3 readings, 3 psalms and an epistle. However, the mandarin choir wasn’t present but thank God we had enough songs to cover the singing parts and it didn’t drag on very long as well because there weren’t many in the congregation either.


The choir that night. Amazed at the sound that we produced because it wasn’t the full strength of the choir.

Anyway, good job guys! Now is to wait till Christmas when we will be singing hardcore again!

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