Foodlog: The Providore

After a month of working, I managed to finish early on a Sunday! and n was at ck tang buying the filter for our new home. so that regina and andrew can find a normal tap for it to be fitted to. as he was having a fruit tart at the providore, I decided to join him 🙂


such pretty art! this is the traditional hot chocolate. it didn’t need any sugar. it was sweet enough for me and thick enough too! there was extra chocolate powder on the ice cream stick provide. it actually came like that!


the eggs benedict. taste wise, it was very good. the only down side was that the eggs were not runny. they were hard. but it was ok for me la. it didn’t really bother me much. haha. the hollandaise sauce was spot on. a bit tangy and really hits the spot. we ordered proper chips with chipotle mayonnaise. it was seriously called “proper fries” in the menu. so we decided to ask what it is actually. and it’s thick shoe string fries. unfortunately, they ran out so we just had “normal” fries instead. hahaha! the sauce was delicious. unfortunately, we felt that the price didn’t justify the portion of the fries. it came in a small bowl, with a small tub of sauce. and it cost $11+. like totally not worth it at all. the cajun fries portion from dancing crab were much bigger for less buck.

well, we have many try once and most probably won’t go back again places. haha. all too pricey for our liking.

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