now that my helper has gone back home for a 2 week holiday, I’m now spending more time with my dog. Funny how we take for granted, someone who helps us feed, walk, change their tray for the pooch. It’s actually quite tiring. When my helper woke up, snowie would wake us up to open the door. Now that she’s not here to wake up in the morning, I can’t just open the door and let snowie out. I need to go and fill her bowl with food and change the papers in the tray after she has done her business.

Anyway, here are some pictures of le furry friend.


she’s pretty attentive when she wants to eat. In this case – apples!


I love how her tail moves. It’s so cute! >.<


getting her to obey some commands.


I think it’s funny when her tail disappears. LOL.

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