Wedding DIY: Ang Pao Box

While preparing for our wedding day, I have been searching online about DIY projects. Because they are more cost efficient. And we can have fun and bond while doing the projects πŸ™‚

After deciding on our theme (royal blue and white), I decided that we shall make our own ang pao box since many store-bought ones are usually red or gold or a colour that’s not our theme.

I didn’t really have a designΒ in mind, but when we went looking for things to paste on the box, these came to mind πŸ˜› Praise God for the inspiration for our box πŸ™‚

I used 2 shoe boxes that I found at home. The bigger one was a nike box and the smaller one were my wedding shoes box >.<

Cost of materials (shoe boxes were FOC):

Blue shiny wrapping paper 3x wrapping paper from Popular $3.31 1 $3.31
Pearl beads 2x packets from Art Friend $7.90 2 $15.80
Small white letters (N+N+swans) Art Friend $2.80 1 $2.80
Small white butterflies Spotlight $5.99 1 $5.99
UHU all plastics glue Spotlight $6.99 1 $6.99

Total damage: SGD$ 34.89

Well, the beads were pretty expensive and we did buy 2 packs, but in the end, we only used 1 pack. lol.

I had trouble wrapping the boxes, because the bigger box has a hole on top and the smaller box has a hole at the bottom. So more ang paos can fit πŸ˜› It’s best to get a top box with a lid so that it’s easy to open the box (functional) and yet looks elegant.

The results of the box:

Front view



Top view


We decided not to put anything at the back of the box since no one will really look at it. Just some things to note: when using UHU glue, be VERY careful, because it tends to pull like mozzarella cheese and when it got stuck on the paper, the colour of the paper will come out >.< Also, handling beads are not easy, they roll around! Other than that, just have fun doing this project together πŸ™‚

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