Wedding: Rings

We got our diamonds from a boutique jeweller from Ilya Diamonds. The founder, Juliana, is N’s personal friend who was introduced from a colleague. We went to her to get t he engagement ring done as well. We actually bought our wedding bands from couple lab. But after an encounter that N had, he decided that he wanted to get personalised wedding bands for us šŸ™‚

Are you ready to see the rings?









Super pretty right! The thicker one on the left is N’s and the one on the right is mine! šŸ˜€ N’s one is hammered metal in the middle and is pretty broad for his finger. We just hope and pray that we can still wear it on the day itself. HAHA. It’s just so exciting. Having such a gorgeous wedding band. Actually, wedding bands are meant to be simple so that it’s wearable everyday and weather proof. But we decided to go with aesthetics instead >.<

Juliana is really a good designer and will customize however you fancy your ring. I think she did a golden snitch before as an engagement ring for a customer whose partner loves harry potter. So if you’re planning to customise your rings, can try her out šŸ™‚

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