Wedding: Nails

The Saturday before the wedding, jie and I decided to get our nails done. We actually made an appointment with some nails place in town but the person called her and said that the nail art person is not available. And nail art is super important for any wedding. So we cancelled the appointment and headed to Toa Payoh to search for somewhere to do our nails. We didn’t make any appointment because they only called on Friday to tell us that nail art couldn’t be done. No reaction time at all lor. Super annoyed with that place. But, what to do?

We went to Toa Payoh hoping that we could go to the place where mum does her facial at. But they didn’t have any slots. We walked a bit more then we found a place called Amelie Beaute. Made an appointment with them for noon before heading for brunch.

Since our theme is royal blue and white with penguins, these are the nails the beautician came up for me šŸ™‚


I really love it! The blue definitely matches the blue sapphires. I tried 3D nail art for one of the penguins. It’s really expensive to get it done. $35 for the 3D penguin! But I love how cute the penguins are šŸ™‚


A close up shot of the 3D penguin. It looks nicer in the sense that it pops out and doesn’t look so flat.


The nails with the wedding band and engagement ring. It really matches. haha.. too bad, I’ve since removed them already. Oh yes, my manicure were gelish nails and pedicure just used normal nail polish. Am really impressed when I went back to get them soaked off.

It was pretty painless. The nail beautician removed the jewels and the 3D penguin as much as she can, then soaks my nails in the nail polish remover. After which, they scrap off as much nail polish as they can before filing the nails and buffing them.

Would definitely recommend them for mani & pedi in Toa Payoh šŸ™‚

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