Wedding Vendors

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of all the vendors and things we did for the wedding.

Location: Church of the Risen Christ

nicknat2016 (71 of 911).jpg

Wedding Dress:  Vivian Gown

nicknat2016 (2 of 911)

Make-up & Hair: Jenny Goh from Autelier

nicknat2016 (72 of 911)

Shoes: Anna Nucci

nicknat2016 (112 of 911)

Flowers: Floral Magic

nicknat2016 (124 of 911)

Wedding Favours: Chocolate Graphics

nicknat2016 (141 of 911)

Manicure & Pedicure: Amelie Beaute

nicknat2016 (1 of 911)


nicknat2016 (115 of 911)

nicknat2016 (54 of 911)

Canvas Print: Print on Canvas

Photography: Ryan & Wenjun

Choir: Church Mates 🙂

nicknat2016 (565 of 911)


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