What happened all this time?

Well, a lot has happened since getting married. Firstly, it was a breath of relief once the wedding day was over and the renovations for our flat was done. However, not everything was done up in our house because we were waiting for HIP (Home Improvement Programme) to be done. This was where the government renovated all the toilets in blocks that are more than 30 years old. I’ve seen the contractors shift from one column of blocks to another until they came round to my block. Our HIP was scheduled for end July and ends in early August. They have a total of 10 working days (excluding Sundays) to fix the toilets for us.

We were contemplating whether to stay in or stay out of the house during this period. Due to a condition (where I will share more about in another post), we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to shift out because the amount of dust is just… HORRIFYING. the lift landing was super dusty and the lift itself was dusty. The column that I was in has 4 units sharing a common lift. Multiplied by 12 storeys and when the HIP started, it was going on concurrently at least 2 columns of units at one time. So the lift was pretty difficult to assess to. At least I could walk down one flight of stairs and go to another lift at the other side of the block. The congestion was just too much to bear. And I felt especially bad because these workers actually gave way to the residents before taking the lifts up themselves. Imagine the waiting time! And they were taking the lifts to transport gates, doors, toilet accessories etc which was just sad!

So we spent 2 weeks at my mum’s place where I found it SUPER convenient (it’s in Toa Payoh btw) and I was just amazed at how CONVENIENT it was for me to get ANYWHERE. I can go to PS for my facials, head to Chinatown Point for work if I need to and get home by taking NEL to Woodleigh before changing to a bus which stops on the same side as their house. And I could see Snowie everyday to boot! I miss Snowie actually. Her silliness and nonsense self. hahaha.

HIP ended early August but we didn’t shift back immediately because there were more things to be done to our house. We held back fixing furniture in the master bedroom because of the works that were to be done for HIP. So we waited another week for that to be done. Then had to wait yet another week because we were getting the painters in to repaint our place. We put up plastic sheets all over the house and when we tore the masking tape away, after about 2 weeks, paint was dropping from everywhere. So our ID got the painters to come in and do it once again for us.

Then after that, we had to wait for some movers to come back to help us fix furniture that my great aunt gave us. It was pretty solid wood and in relatively good condition as they were migrating. So our entire house is FINALLY done as of today 🙂

However, we still need to buy a couch and unpack 3 more boxes of stuff before we have really “shifted” in. Really funny isn’t it. We’ve been staying here since May but only until end Aug have we really settled in.

I’m really happy with how the entire house turned out, albeit for the dust that we’re encountering with now. HAHA.

Anyway, what really happened since May? Well, I was feeling majorly unwell for 3 whole weeks. That I thought it was because I was trying to adjust this new found “freedom” and staying alone in the house all day. Being cooped up and bored and basically just not feeling like doing anything. But things got a bit better and now I’m finally settling into things with my new part time job and housecleaning etc.

Well, this has been a pretty long update but seriously, so much has happened since I shifted.

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