Japan Trip 2016 – Day 1 -5

We took a trip to Japan for our “honeymoon” but now known as “babymoon” for 16 days. Well, we booked the trip before planning to get pregnant so….. but I’m glad I survived all the walking and what nots in Japan. HAHAHA.


We saw this Star Wars themed plane at Narita airport during our transit to Hokkaido, Sapporo.


See the cloud horizon, it’s really damn pretty.


Finally landed in New Chitose Airport in Sapporo and had MosBurger because it was lunch time! And we had time to kill before our train ride to Shintoku. One thing about Japan is how timely their trains are. Especially those long rides.

Our first stay was at Yorkshire Farm. The kind farm owner drove out to Tomamu Station to pick us up because the typhoon caused some damage to the roads and the train service was stopped.


They had a fire place at the dining area.


We stayed at a sheep farm and the air was super fresh and clean. The sheep were also very close to us proximity wise..


We could bottle-feed the lambs. However the owner told us that the bottle-feeding is only for the guests because the lambs can sustain on their own with grass by 6 months. The sheep also get their water from eating the grass. So basically, there’s not much overheads for keeping sheep on a farm.


The sheep are damn cute, but damn dirty..


Stampede of sheep!

After the sheep feeding, we went horse-back riding 🙂 however, it was at another farm called Village432 and it was 2km away from the sheep farm we were at. There was no taxi available to bring us there so we had to walk from our farm stay to the other place. We walked on the side of the road because of the lack of proper footpaths. Once we got there, we had to go up a hill before reaching the farm. o.m.g. it was a treacherous walk. lol.


My horse and I after the hour trot.. It was quite fun!!!

After which, we had lunch at the farm because we were starving but then forgot about the Soba shop at the bottom of the hill. So after resting for a bit, we walked back down and went to the Soba shop.


Soba ice cream with soba star biscuits and the kind lady gave us soba tea as well. It was really yummy!

We also had their cold noodles to eat. We shared cos we were super full by then.. haha.. and then we walked back to our farm stay..

The next morning, we left the farm stay and the kind owner once again drove us to the train station, stopping to let us buy some bentos at 7-11 as it was about lunch time.


In the train. Thank God that the seats were not fully occupied as our luggage were too big to go inbetween the seats. So we sat at the back where we could put then unobstructed near the door.

We went to Otaru and stayed one night after having visited the music box museum and trying out their LeTao cheesecake (which wasn’t as fantastic as we thought). The following day, we headed back to Sapporo and checked into Toyoko Inn near the Sapporo station.

After dropping off our luggage at the hotel because it wasn’t time to check in yet, we went to the Sapporo Ramen Alley near Susukino Station and shared a ramen before walking to Odori Park for the Sapporo Autumn Festival where we ate and tried some food from the vendors.

Apparently, Odori station is connected to Sapporo station (one stop away) underground and we walked back to Sapporo station. However, we got lost like a lot of times and only managed to figure our way out when we were about to check out. Lol.

The next day, we went to see the Shiroi Koibito (white lovers) Chocolate Factory.


Inside the factory. This is their process. Baking the cookies….


Making sure the cookies and chocolate are placed rightly before moving on….


To packing and sealing the individually-wrapped biscuits. It was a very interesting experience. We got to try to bake their cookie and place the white chocolate into the cookies and we got to decorate them, seal them and put it in the box..

If you want to do that, should reserve your places first as there are many people who sign up for it. We hung around Shiroi Koibito for a while before heading back to eat dinner and chill.


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