Tokyo – Animal Cafes

We didn’t expect to see so many animal cafes when we were in Tokyo. And we went to 2 on the same day! We actually wanted to go to the Cat Cafe in Ikebukuro but the one we found had a private event until 1pm. So we walked around the area and found another cat cafe. We didn’t stay for long because the cats were…… I wouldn’t say unfriendly but the place was big and there were quite a lot of people. So I think they got fondled a lot and didn’t like it?


Cats avoiding humans. lol.


An image to show how to read cats so that you won’t agitate them and end up hurting yourself and vice versa.


The nua-est cat around. Didn’t like human beings though. HAHA.


This cat on the other hand, was very friendly 🙂

Next, while checking out the area, we stumbled upon Mimi Cafe – a rabbit petting place!


We were given treats to feed the rabbits.


Trying to distract the rabbit to look at the camera. LOL. This place was nice and cosy. They gave us plastic skirts and aprons to wear as rabbits just went wherever they are.


After finishing all the treats we had, they decided they didn’t love us anymore. LOL!


They put us in another place with more rabbits and the rabbits enjoyed nua-ing by themselves. super cute and fluffy!!!!

On another day, we headed to Akihabara and went to an owl cafe called Akiba Fukurou. You had to make reservations to play with the owls for an hour and they give you a picture to commemorate your visit to the place.


This was our timing that was fully booked!


Perched owls. Those with pink circles on top of the green ones, which were the descriptions, meant that these owls are not to be touched as they were sleeping.


HUGE owls that we didn’t pat at all.


Found sweet potato and carried him 🙂


He’s really a small owl!!!


Up close..


This is another owl that was medium sized.. I didn’t try carrying the larger owls cos you had to wear a special glove. and most of the owls didn’t really like being handled.. especially the barn owls..


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