Tokyo – Harajuku, Shibuya, Tsukiji

We went to Harajuku on a Sunday and it was PACKED. It’s like a narrow street with shops on either side and there were so many people going up and down there on a Sunday.

We managed to find Angels Heart Crepe which was quite famous according to Youtubers online. hahaha..


As we were pretty full still, we didn’t mind waiting in line. We actually queued for about 30mins!


Their flavours are ranked according to popularity. We bought the no 1 banana chocolate whipped cream crepe.. it was quite good!


Our crepe with the sign. LOL.


We went to a tea house to see if we could have an authentic japanese tea tasting. Unfortunately, we had to wait an hour. So we just had the tea tasting experience at the counter. However, I couldn’t appreciate the teas. Not sure if it’s cos of my keen smell but one tasted like pee to me 😦


Nick wanted to show how long the stair way is to the subway. We climbed up to get to the tea place. And now we’re going back down. I didn’t know Japan had so many stairs. Not many escalators and definitely very few elavators.


This is Hachiko. The shiba inu dog who waited at the train station for his master despite the master dying and left him behind. He waited at the train station for him everyday until his own death.


Shibuya is a shopping district and I bought new shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. This has more support than the street shoes.. Quite happy with the purchase πŸ™‚


We saw this at the main West entrance of Ikebukuro station. Apparently Fukurou means Owl, thus the owl display..

We headed to Tsukiji market as well because we had a free day due to Ghibli studio not being open for the week that we’re there.


This is the restaurant we tried.


The maki is naise! and so were the sushi although I didn’t eat too much. The salmon sashimi tastes similar to what Singapore serves. But it was definitely fun! At least we didn’t queue from the morning like 5am. I’ve heard that there are long queues for the good places. But I think all of them are good? or at least should be good?

Nick says Tsukiji Market has changed a lot. There are shops lining the streets and not very much footspace but we made out ok.

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