Tokyo – final week

We found Bake Cheese Tart at Ikebukuro station. Please note that the major train stations are super huge underground so it’s not as easy to find stuff as you think. They have MANY exits.. like north, south, east and west and these are all at other ends of the train station. SERIOUS!


Short queue for bake,


Yays! but i think the one in sapporo was much better as this bake is actually… dry. :S and we kept the cheese tart in sapporo for 2 days i think. and it still tasted great. HAHA.


Nick took this picture from Starbucks, showing the Shibuya crossing. I spotted a couple going back and forth when the lights changed so that the girl can take OOTDs and stuff. quite funny.

When Ghibli studio is closed, why not visit the Totoro Cafe? However, it’s quite out of the way to the west side of Japan..


Such a cute sign outside the shop.


Cookies we bought back for a Totoro fan friend. lol.


This is the Totoro Bakery on the first floor. There is another cafe upstairs that sells mains and allows us to eat the cream puff upstairs..


SO CUTE! there were several flavours.. the custard cream was my fav!


This chestnut cream was seasonal so we tried it too but it wasn’t to my liking..


feeling so excited to eat it.. HAHAHA.. savage..

We went to Disneyland as well!


i love carousels 🙂


It was quite a nice day but super crowded and we went out of a ride because it started to slow down and I was getting hungry.. lol..

We stayed over one night to see Mt Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko and to experience an onsen!! Nick booked Fuji Yumedono Onsen where they provided pick up service and drop off to and from the train station. The place was LOVELY!!! It was a typical Japanese living area. With tatami and slippers and all!


Clogs to go out to our “mini” garden. Which wasn’t mini at all imo. lol!


Our outdoor private onsen 🙂


They provided us with kimonos as well 🙂


Unfortunately, the next day we couldn’t see Mt Fuji. This is the live cam facing the mountain. There’s nothing to see because it was raining. lol.

We also went to DisneySea when we came back to Tokyo but stayed at Shin-Urayasu instead which is closer to the airport and disneysea. Unfortunately, it was raining as well and was a bit cold. The queues were crazy long to get into Disneysea so we went to Ikspairi shopping mall at Maihama station and stayed there till the rain lightened..



Sat another carousel here this time was Aladdin themed. Was holding the camel’s ears as the metal bar was quite smelly. lol..

So that’s all for our Japan honey/babymoon. It was quite fun despite feeling tired all the time. We could have packed less because we did laundry lots of times there. and i kept re-wearing my clothes because I couldn’t fit into some 😦

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