As time passes

Well, today I can say my child is 7 months and a day old. How did we manage it so far? It’s pretty darn hard I would say. There are definitely good days and definitely bad days. Somehow when the bad outweighs the good, when the good comes, the bad is forgotten. Thanks to the mummy brain. I’m more forgetful (or maybe it’s cos I’m not working and thus don’t really need to use my brain) about the little things. But I try. I try really hard.

When Nate was 6 months, he started sleeping through the night. We call it STTN and it’s about 7-8 hours. He would sleep by 8pm and wake up around 4-6am for a feed. We were so elated about it then. We could even play L4D2 when he is in his cot sleeping.

And then….. he went for his vaccination. I remember it clearly. It was the day before Mel & James’ wedding. We thought he would be fine, as with all vaccines before. But boy, were we wrong.

This vaccine was the 6-in-1 and pneumococcal jab. So it was 2 jabs on each thigh. It was a painful ordeal. The previous jabs he only had a slight fever. But this time, he had a fever throughout the night and had difficulty sleeping. Nic and I woke up to give him paracetamol. The first time we opened it since  we got it from his first vaccine when he was a month old. He didn’t take to the medicine well. And most was on his romper. We didn’t sleep much so we needed the entire day to recover – both Nic and I.

After that night, he ended up waking for 2-3 feeds per night. After putting him to bed at 8pm, he would wake up about 12mn and then 4-5am for another feed. Poor Nic, he was doing the night feed and sadly, it got worse. The timings became more erratic and sometimes I could hear him cry murder when Nic went to make milk/change his diaper.

Yesterday, we were helping a friend sing for a friend’s wedding. And yet again, Nate decided to test us by giving us a horrid night. We could not not attend this wedding. He woke up at 11pm, 3am and then 6am and about an hour before Nic fed him. Seeing Nic and hearing that he already fed Nate twice, I helped him out in the morning so he could get a bit more sleep.

We managed to get to the church on time. Nate couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep at all. I think this is cos we hardly go out so when we are out, he wants to take in as much as he can. Until he can’t take it anymore, then he will sleep.

After the mass, we had some food and dropped jie and gerard in town before heading back. On the way back, Nate started making noise and then fell asleep. I drove a longer route so that both him and Nic can rest in the car a bit more.

When we got home, Nic took care of Nate while I went to sleep. When I woke up, I didn’t feel so good. I went down to buy lunch and after having lunch, didn’t feel very good. But managed to make some puree for Nate. I tried to sleep but was feeling nauseous. Nic went down to buy dinner and brought Nate with him when I finally fell asleep.

Nic came back and told me he dropped by the massage shop and spoke to the owner about my headache. So I went down and had a shoulder massage to ease it. When I came home, I couldn’t finish dinner. But went ahead to take vitamins. I think it was due to all the water I drank, I finally puked.

I felt a bit better but then before sleeping, I felt I had the urge again but I hate puking and I didn’t want to. So I went to bed. Halfway through the night, I woke up because of Nic’s snoring and he went outside to sleep.

Miraculously, we all slept through till 6am. I woke up several times during the night because of the amount of water I drank. But when I went out at 6am to ask Nic to come back into the room, he said that he didn’t feed Nate all night.

So, we suspect that Nic and Nate were annoying each other and waking each other up. HAHAHAHA. It’s a vicious cycle really. Nic snore, Nate stirs, wakes up and wants to drink milk before going back to sleep and Nic is tired. And the whole process repeats itself. We didn’t have such a good night’s rest in a while. I think this is why today feels like a much better day for us.

We are more patient and less irritable. It’s really difficult taking care of a baby during the night. But somehow we managed to pull through. Well, Nic managed to pull through. And I am so thankful for that.

I hope that this solves one of the problems we have been having so far because we know that Nate can sleep through the night.

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