Christmas 2016

It was a pretty intense end of year for us as a choir. We were participating in a few events and caroling sessions to spread the joy of christmas cheer!


Picture taken on 25th November where we combined with Risen Christ Youth Symphony Orchestra to raise funds for the Assisi Hospice. It was quite fun and we sang 4 songs together with them..


This was at the Singapore Cricket Club. We did one session for them on Christmas Eve. Last year we only had to sing for Christmas Day mass.. Also, the day before, we were caroling at Sentosa, 2 sessions..


Then on Christmas Eve night, we performed 2 sets at Goodwood Park Hotel..

I would have to say that as a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester and having to sing/dance/do a solo.. I think it really took a toll on my body..

Moreover, I had very bad rashes due to the pregnancy and the following day, we had to sing for Christmas Day mass..

Nick and I gave that a miss in the end because I was so burnt out by all the caroling and singing.. It wasn’t the best time.. I slept in and we went for Christmas Day Mass at SMOTA instead..

Although it wasn’t the best ending to the year, I did enjoy myself doing what I love most – Singing.


Our Tradition

we started our tradition back in 2012 and it has been 4 years that we have continued this! haha. I can’t remember how it started but I think we were just out and then we walked past Paragon whose tree is like super duper huge and we decided to take a picture. And the tradition continued since then. Alternate years, we take during day and night time. HAHAHA~


Tiff thought we missed 2014 but scrolling through instagram, she found the comparison pics that she always does. haha.. this time, is all the pics throughout the years.

The recent one was quite fun because she took half day and I met her at her office. We went to Bugis Junction to eat Ma Maison and then headed to Plaza Singapura. We took a train to SomersetΒ where I saw a cute Penguin snuggie! but no use for it here in Singapore. Sigh.

After taking our Christmas tree picture, we went back to PS and waited for Jeo. Since she was taking a long time, we ate 4Fingers and then joined her at Ichiban Sushi. hahaha..

I went back on my own by bus and it was pretty fast! Albeit changing buses along the way. But I got home in about 40mins? Buses that go by the expressway are super duper fast πŸ˜›

Christmas Caroling 2015

Last year, our Christmas caroling started early – on 5th December. That was because we were singing for Pedestrian Night along Orchard Road.Β The first Saturday night of the month, Orchard Road closes for a period of time. We managed to get aΒ chanceΒ to perform along Orchard Road!

5th Dec – Pedestrian Night


Sam and I while waiting to set up.


Us on stage outside Takashimaya


The whole group after the performance. Unfortunately, that night was super warm and humid and just very sian to be standing around doing nothing.

17th Dec – Carmelite Monastery


Our yearly caroling for the Carmelite sisters. The acoustics were amazing and we could not have asked for a better audience πŸ™‚

23rd Dec – Sentosa

This is our 3rd time and 3rd consecutive year that we’re performing at Sentosa Merlion Park. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday instead of the weekend so not many people turned up for the earlier performance at 5.30pm. We had a second performance at 7.30pm and that one was definitely much better and more fuller sound with more people performing with us.



another caroling down!


The entire group after both performances πŸ™‚

24th Dec – Goodwood Park

Our last and final caroling for the year was on Christmas Eve at Goodwood Park. Keep in mind that we had to wake up early for mass the following morning and we were all singing for it too! We had 2 performances that night as well. One at 7.00pm and the next at 8.00pm.


Photo taking after our performance! πŸ˜€


The Sopranos πŸ˜€


Collage of the sections. Guys were just combined πŸ˜›


Nice, normal picture of the group.


This is our fun shot. LOL!

Im glad to be part of this group. πŸ™‚

Pre-Christmas lunch on Sunday

on sunday, i decided to cook lunch for my family and some other people.. hahahaha.. total headcount was 10pax.. my family – 6, cousin n fiancee – 2, other cousin’s bf – 1 and sis’ colleague – 1.. HAHAHAHA.. made up of people who didn’t have anything to do.. LOL!!!!

i had 2 starters, 3 main courses and a dessert.. doesn’t sound like much does it? but it was filling! i wanted to make eggnog.. but i went drinking on friday night, had only 4 hours of sleep and functioned pretty well the whole of saturday until night time where i had to crash before making the eggnog.. so, i thought i cld make it on sunday morning.. when i finally read that recipe, it had to be chilled in the fridge for 8 hours.. so…. no eggnog.. hahaha.. but the rest of the food were awesome!!! (so i’m told :D)


baked camembert cheese.. YUMMEH!!! my cousin really loved this.. met him again today for lunch and discovered that he bought 2 boxes of cheese, rosemary leaves and garlic to re-create this wonderful party in the mouth dish πŸ™‚


prep work – bread to be toasted..


roasted vege


potato au gratin.. shld’ve put MUCH MORE CHEESE IN IT.. omg, big fan of cheese.. HAHAHAHA!!!


my roast beef in the oven.. burnt myself a few times with the damn oven.. :(need to wear those mitts can’t use those square pieces of cloth.. HAHAHA..


didn’t realise the asparagus took so long to cook -_-” but that was also cos i had more asparagus on that day.. took us about 45mins to cook it.. started at 12 and was late by 15mins.. hahaha!


cheese with bread and cranberries.. YUM!


the potato gratin.. woohoo..




roasted veggie!!!!


males cutting the beef.. lol..


cousin and fiancee πŸ™‚


cousins and future in-laws.. LOL!!!!


DESSERT!!! Eton mess.. learnt it from Anna when we had our cookout πŸ™‚


and cookies i baked.. backside cousin actually asked me if they were lao hong (not crispy anymore due to being exposed to air).. it’s supposed to be soft -_-” sigh..

christmas lunch

all of us present πŸ™‚ ❀ much to family πŸ™‚

Travelogue: Frankfurt Day 1

i know this post is like 3 weeks late.. haha.. so i went to Frankfurt, Germany on Christmas night..

jie and i waiting to board the plan.. we were the first to get on the plane cos mum asked for a wheelchair for mama.. and it was ok la.. hahahaha.. the flight was really empty.. we each got a row to ourselves! πŸ™‚ awesome right.. so i laid across 3 chairs cos i got the middle aisle.. hahaha.. so awesome.. managed to get enough of rest when we touched down..

something i found very funny and disturbing at the same time.. that furby toys aren’t allowed to be switched on in the aircraft.. who carries a furby toy onboard? O.O

mum was coming in at another terminal an hour later so when she was pushed in the wheelchair, we asked to go to a different terminal and the staff was very kind and brought us there.. met mum and had our first breakfast in frankfurt.. we landed at 6am in the morning.. o.O

headed in 2 different cabs to the apts.. mum and i took a detour cos we had to get the key from somewhere else to get into the apt..

went to mum’s apt first.. she was sharing with mama and jie and i were sharing another.. the extra bed was in her apt and i brought it up.. this was what i wore there..

my new boots from marks and spencer πŸ˜€ finally had a good shower.. got ready to head out..

how our apt looked like.. reminded me of the one i had in boston but different cos floor was wooden instead of carpet..

the stove..

the door..

walk in closet and toilet to the left..

this is what u see when u enter the front door..

sleeping quarters.. i was sleeping on the floor with the extra mattress..

study table and tv..

dining area.. getting ready to head out..

after we were done went down to mum’s apt before heading out.. they always take such a long time to get ready that jie and i would have to wait for a long while before we actually got out of the building..

mum’s apt has a balcony..

went forΒ  breakfast part 2!!! hahahaha.. at a little quaint cafe called La Perla that was near the central district.. had free wifi!

it was cold and i think jie and i were quite hungry.. we had the american breakfast each!

mummy and i!

after that, we went to the zoo and walked around for a while before heading back to the apt and crashed for a while.. before we headed out for dinner to some german restaurant which was pretty good.. update more soon!

before, leading to christmas.

went to fatboys at thomson road.. met tiff earlier and had a drink at liquid kitchen cos we were early..

my burger!!! πŸ˜€

sandy and her burger..

jeo and weizhe..


pam and mark came later.. ann marie also came and we had secret santa.. tiff was mine! i was jeo’s.. and jeo’s was tiff.. hahaha.. and i helped jeo buy macarons for tiff.. i miss tiff 😦

then we went to salted caramel across the road for ice cream!!! didn’t really like the salted caramel though.. hahahaha.. sent tiff and pam home..

the day before christmas eve, i had to buy a winter jacket cos i didn’t have any!!! went to coldwear at causeway point.. i really loved this woolen jacket cos it’s thick but it was a bit too small.. can’t button the top and it didn’t have a hoodie..

so i chose another one which had an inner fleece jacket and an outer windbreaker kinda thing.. and it had a hood!!

cldn’t decide between red and black but bought the red one cos black is dull and it was a size smaller.. although i think i shld’ve bought a size smaller cos the XXL red was quite big.. haha.. nvm, can layer!


CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! went to pick up some food stuff from causeway point with mum and brought it all home.. slacked at home and then went to church to prep..

me, sam tay and yenyen! πŸ™‚

shaun and jeff..

they both got the same tshirt.. haha.. damn cute la..

had mic check.. jeff, me and sis..

me and sis.. i’m not ill.. just had a wireless mic on for the flash mob.. hahaha..

nat and nat! πŸ™‚

tiff and i! she was helping us click slides for the cantata.. πŸ™‚

CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! mum made the food and then we FEASTED..

the crown thingys u see on our heads were the cracker thingys that i bought from cold storage.. cos mum said it didn’t feel like christmas, and i didn’t feel it too.. so i bought christmas paper plates and napkins and the cracker thingys to open!


did all our last min packing and then piled into the car and dad’s and met at T1..

had drinks at wang cafe and then met the cousin and her bf then we went FRANKFURT!

finally in frankfurt

left for frankfurt on christmas night and the flight was super empty which was good.. i had an entire row to myself πŸ™‚ so did mama and jie.. lol.. after a 12 hr flight, we met mum who came 50mins later at a different terminal.. we touched down early in the morning about 6am and took separate cabs to the apartments cos mum had to collect the other keys to another apartment we rented..

we’re staying on schweizer strasse which is pretty near the city.. within walking distance which is about 20mins away.. we bathed, unpacked a bit and went for breakfast at some cafe near across the mainz river.. then we made our way to the zoo and walked around for about an hour before heading back cos we were so tired.. by 8pm frankfurt time, super tired cos it’s 3am in the morning in singapore.. then wake up at 2am cos it’s like 9am singapore time… super sian.. on the first night i woke up at 4am and watched glee!!! πŸ™‚ hahaha.. quite funny.. damien is damn cute!!! love his irish accent..

on tuesday, we went on a tour to the Rhine which is an hour away from frankfurt.. it was an interesting tour that was from 11:15am to 7:30pm.. by the time we got back, it was beyond dark, like 10pm at night and most shops were closed.. mama cooked porridge for dinner and k.o-ed after that..

ytd, we wanted to take a cruise down the mainz river but the cruises were closed.. so we went to eat and walk around town.. i got 2 longchampe bags!!! πŸ˜€ mum bought me the big one and i bought the smaller one for myself.. i can’t believe i’m starting work so soon.. no more time to slack and spend money.. i need money.. lol.. met jie and her friends at cafe hauptwache for tea/dinner at about 5:30pm and by then, it was REALLY dark.. jie bought a longchampe bag too and then we walked around urban outfitters which was damn ex as compared to the US and then we cabbed back..

today, we woke up early and headed to the tour again and bought tics to go for the hiedelberg tour which is 1.5hrs away from frankfurt.. it was a nice tour and was super cold!!!! apparently, our bus driver broke the key to the bus and we had to wait for another limo driver to come from frankfurt to pass him another key.. we waited at the bus station for about half an hour and the bus station wasn’t open so no toilet.. there was a very kind seller who allowed us to use his washroom for free and he sold lavender packs.. i bought 21.50 euros which was 2 packs of lavender and a nice pouch.. i didn’t have ,50euros so he just accepted 21euros.. very nice man.. froze while waiting for the bus and slept on the way back.. then we went to have lunch (cos we only had sandwiches) at an irish bar called o’reillys.. it was really nice.. the waiter was irish too!!! haha.. and he spent 3 weeks in singapore last summer.. we ate so much.. chicken wings, baked potato and garlic bread for appetizers, shared fish and chips with jie and mum and mama had irish stew.. it was pretty good.. treated them to our late lunch/dinner..

we headed to kaiserplatz to do some shopping but it started raining and the wind was cold and chilly.. when we finally reached kaiserplatz at the galleria where h&m was, it was so crowded and the rain was so depressing that we just decided to cab home.. it was about 5:30pm and we went to the supermarket to get some groceries.. now, in mum’s apartment watching wall street journal.. interesting show.. feel like sleeping though, cos its like 4am in the morning singapore time.. oh wells..

will put up pics when i get back home.. my camera froze today.. hahaha.. hope that tomorrow’s weather will be less windy and chilly!!

LC Korean BBQ Buffet

oops.. forgot that i haven’t blogged about my korean bbq with tiff and sandy!!!

we bought a group on for LC Korean BBQ Buffet at Bugis.. picked tiff up and we went!! we were kinda late.. but oh wells.. hahaha.. sandy was even later..

ordering the dishes we wanna eat..

hot pot and hot plate.. hahahaha..

tiff and i while waiting for sandy..

finally she’s here!!! and we have our lovely meal.. oily, smelly but oh so good.. hahaha.. we ordered eggs for ourselves.. when the person came with the eggs, he dropped one and only picked up the shells and didn’t wipe up the mess.. that was the only gripe i had with the place.. must come early to avoid disappointment!!! saw alot of people waiting outside.. but it’s difficult to estimate how long u have to wait cos it’s a buffet and people usually want to eat their worth rite?

after our buffet, we went to bugis junction to walk around for a while.. wanted to buy vouchers but amazingly enough, all the capitaland mall vouchers were finished.. o.O stunned much.. hahaha.. we walked around and saw this!!!

windmill thingy with lots of lights!!


trying to take a pic with it.. hahahaha.. then we parted ways and i sent tiff back before heading home..

this was on dunno which day when the sister was sick and i wanted to sleep but the aircon services people were coming to service our aircon and i cldn’t sleep.. *throws tantrum* so we were outside watching tv with snowie on the chair so she wldn’t get in the way of the guys.. hahahaha..

spot the dog!!!!!!!!