Christmas 2016

It was a pretty intense end of year for us as a choir. We were participating in a few events and caroling sessions to spread the joy of christmas cheer!


Picture taken on 25th November where we combined with Risen Christ Youth Symphony Orchestra to raise funds for the Assisi Hospice. It was quite fun and we sang 4 songs together with them..


This was at the Singapore Cricket Club. We did one session for them on Christmas Eve. Last year we only had to sing for Christmas Day mass.. Also, the day before, we were caroling at Sentosa, 2 sessions..


Then on Christmas Eve night, we performed 2 sets at Goodwood Park Hotel..

I would have to say that as a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester and having to sing/dance/do a solo.. I think it really took a toll on my body..

Moreover, I had very bad rashes due to the pregnancy and the following day, we had to sing for Christmas Day mass..

Nick and I gave that a miss in the end because I was so burnt out by all the caroling and singing.. It wasn’t the best time.. I slept in and we went for Christmas Day Mass at SMOTA instead..

Although it wasn’t the best ending to the year, I did enjoy myself doing what I love most – Singing.


Wedding Vendors

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of all the vendors and things we did for the wedding.

Location: Church of the Risen Christ

nicknat2016 (71 of 911).jpg

Wedding Dress: Β Vivian Gown

nicknat2016 (2 of 911)

Make-up & Hair: Jenny Goh from Autelier

nicknat2016 (72 of 911)

Shoes: Anna Nucci

nicknat2016 (112 of 911)

Flowers: Floral Magic

nicknat2016 (124 of 911)

Wedding Favours: Chocolate Graphics

nicknat2016 (141 of 911)

Manicure & Pedicure: Amelie Beaute

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nicknat2016 (115 of 911)

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Canvas Print: Print on Canvas

Photography: Ryan & Wenjun

Choir: Church Mates πŸ™‚

nicknat2016 (565 of 911)

Easter Vigil 2016

After 3 years, we’re rostered to sing for the Easter Vigil this year again! It was a pretty nice event because there’s baptism included as well. This mass usually lasts at least 3.5hrs depending on how many baptisms/anointing of chrisms and confirmation there are.

Anyway, I love it because when mass starts, the whole church is in darkness. Then, the Paschal candle comes and the priest marks it before lighting it up. And then the light is passed throughout the church. Symbolising Christ’s light for the world.


when the flame was being passed around. The whole church literally lit up. It was amazing actually. This is also the mass where there are 3 readings, 3 psalms and an epistle. However, the mandarin choir wasn’t present but thank God we had enough songs to cover the singing parts and it didn’t drag on very long as well because there weren’t many in the congregation either.


The choir that night. Amazed at the sound that we produced because it wasn’t the full strength of the choir.

Anyway, good job guys! Now is to wait till Christmas when we will be singing hardcore again!

Seder meal

on palm sunday (19/3), the choir decided to have our seder meal as dinner before night practice. we had chicken instead of lamb, chappati as our unleavened bread, rocket for bitter herbs and apple and nuts with cinnamon. I opted for ribena instead of red wine though. Don’t really fancy wine.

It was a nice bonding session for all those who went. We learnt more about the seder meal and its symbolism.



my second family πŸ™‚

Chinese New Year 2016

As the years pass, Chinese New Year seems less busy. This year, we were rostered to sing for Chinese New Year mass in church on the first day morning. We woke up feeling less than recharged and headed to church. After mass, all of us came back to have lunch and wait for other guests to arrive.


Jie and I in church. We’re like wearing totally opposite colours. I like the top. I got it from Toa Payoh Central, the pop up shops outside POSB/NTUC that area. It’s only $18! Super comfy and light. I bought 2 tops from the seller. Last minute buys for the new year. HAHAHA.

Since it was a tradition to “bai jia” (kneel and offer oranges) to our elders, I made snowie bai to mummy so she can get an ang bao. AND SHE DID! πŸ˜€ hahahahahaha..


Snowie totally failing because she started licking and smelling the oranges :S


getting distracted by the camera woman (jie) lol.


Snowie and I! πŸ™‚ well, she’s afraid because we’re in the balcony and there’s no grilles. LOL!

The first day, we started out late. But we ended up at 4 houses. First was my grand aunty, then my grand uncle’s house. Then home to bathe and change before heading to one of my aunty’s house then having dinner at another aunty’s house.

After dinner though, I went to N’s house to visit his parents. Unfortunately, the kolo mee that his dad cooked was a bit too spicy for me despite smelling damn yummy.Β But it’s alright, since we already had dinner at my aunt’s house.

The next day, we headed to dad’s side of the family. It was my first time introducing N to them since last year Tua Pek (eldest uncle) didn’t hold lunch at his place. So… everyone was like Hi hi hi hi hi.Β Well, this is going to be the last year that I will collect ang baos 😦 oh wells. Nvm la, just go and chat w relatives can already. LOL!

Christmas Caroling 2015

Last year, our Christmas caroling started early – on 5th December. That was because we were singing for Pedestrian Night along Orchard Road.Β The first Saturday night of the month, Orchard Road closes for a period of time. We managed to get aΒ chanceΒ to perform along Orchard Road!

5th Dec – Pedestrian Night


Sam and I while waiting to set up.


Us on stage outside Takashimaya


The whole group after the performance. Unfortunately, that night was super warm and humid and just very sian to be standing around doing nothing.

17th Dec – Carmelite Monastery


Our yearly caroling for the Carmelite sisters. The acoustics were amazing and we could not have asked for a better audience πŸ™‚

23rd Dec – Sentosa

This is our 3rd time and 3rd consecutive year that we’re performing at Sentosa Merlion Park. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday instead of the weekend so not many people turned up for the earlier performance at 5.30pm. We had a second performance at 7.30pm and that one was definitely much better and more fuller sound with more people performing with us.



another caroling down!


The entire group after both performances πŸ™‚

24th Dec – Goodwood Park

Our last and final caroling for the year was on Christmas Eve at Goodwood Park. Keep in mind that we had to wake up early for mass the following morning and we were all singing for it too! We had 2 performances that night as well. One at 7.00pm and the next at 8.00pm.


Photo taking after our performance! πŸ˜€


The Sopranos πŸ˜€


Collage of the sections. Guys were just combined πŸ˜›


Nice, normal picture of the group.


This is our fun shot. LOL!

Im glad to be part of this group. πŸ™‚


End November, we were invited to sing for the Profession of a Carmelite Sister. I’ve never attended one, let alone sung for the mass of one. It was indeed an eye-opener.

The Archbishop was present to celebrate the mass. Also, many priests were also present. Among them were Fr Val and Fr John Sim. Halfway through mass, there was a blackout, but that didn’t stop us from continuing the mass.

sr jacinta2

The sops who came to support πŸ™‚

sr jacinta

The whole choir with Sr Jacinta who is an extern nun in the Carmelite monastery. So she is able toΒ go out of the premises to buy food, meet people etc.

Am really amazed by these people who give up their lives to the Lord. It’s like surrendering to the Lord and being in His care. I don’t know if I have experienced such peace before.

Daughters of St Paul Concert 2015

We were asked to perform for the Daughters of St Paul concert in November last year. A small group of us were formed and I was really blessed to be able to perform alongside these talented people! πŸ™‚

The concert was to take place at 2 different locations – Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and Risen Christ.

There were weekly trainings leading up to the event and it was indeed a rewarding event. We had so much fun..

The OLPS concert was on a Friday night. We reported early to set up and warm up before the performance.


The girls who performed.


This was our entire group πŸ™‚ we were the backup choir..


Us before the concert started at OLPS..

The next night, we were at Risen Christ. It was indeed a tiring day for all of us as we had choir practice, mass and then the concert after that.


The girls because the guys were not needed for some songs πŸ˜›


My sister and I with Sr Tracey after the concert.


Sr Jocelyn and us πŸ™‚


Nat & Nat πŸ˜›


Some of the sisters with the priests that were helping out for the concert as well.

It was indeed a very memorable night and we are so blessed to be apart of it πŸ™‚

Foodlog: Potato Head Folk

one friday night, we decided to celebrate steph and seb’s engagement! and where else better than to try out Potato Head Folk?

unfortunately, we didnt make any reservations, but thank God we managed to get a place at the Studio1939 lounge. it was dark, music was a bit loud and there were some creepy decor.. but what can’t alcohol do? HAHAHA.. we settled in and ordered drinks and burgers..


the fries! it was a bit spicy but had a nice kick to it..


one of the burgers.. i thought the stickers looked cool.. however, my burger was wrong so they had to bring another one for me. it wasn’t that fantastic in my opinion.. but steph, who had the wagyu beef and foie gras in it said it was pretty good..


how about some alcohol? well, cider in this case for me.. was driving so it was better to get something not so heavy..


here’s a cute pic to end off the night with.. a lovely *ahem*couple*ahem* HAHAHAHAHA.. thanks for the much fun and laughter.. LOL!