Christmas 2016

It was a pretty intense end of year for us as a choir. We were participating in a few events and caroling sessions to spread the joy of christmas cheer!


Picture taken on 25th November where we combined with Risen Christ Youth Symphony Orchestra to raise funds for the Assisi Hospice. It was quite fun and we sang 4 songs together with them..


This was at the Singapore Cricket Club. We did one session for them on Christmas Eve. Last year we only had to sing for Christmas Day mass.. Also, the day before, we were caroling at Sentosa, 2 sessions..


Then on Christmas Eve night, we performed 2 sets at Goodwood Park Hotel..

I would have to say that as a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester and having to sing/dance/do a solo.. I think it really took a toll on my body..

Moreover, I had very bad rashes due to the pregnancy and the following day, we had to sing for Christmas Day mass..

Nick and I gave that a miss in the end because I was so burnt out by all the caroling and singing.. It wasn’t the best time.. I slept in and we went for Christmas Day Mass at SMOTA instead..

Although it wasn’t the best ending to the year, I did enjoy myself doing what I love most – Singing.


Christmas Caroling 2015

Last year, our Christmas caroling started early – on 5th December. That was because we were singing for Pedestrian Night along Orchard Road.Β The first Saturday night of the month, Orchard Road closes for a period of time. We managed to get aΒ chanceΒ to perform along Orchard Road!

5th Dec – Pedestrian Night


Sam and I while waiting to set up.


Us on stage outside Takashimaya


The whole group after the performance. Unfortunately, that night was super warm and humid and just very sian to be standing around doing nothing.

17th Dec – Carmelite Monastery


Our yearly caroling for the Carmelite sisters. The acoustics were amazing and we could not have asked for a better audience πŸ™‚

23rd Dec – Sentosa

This is our 3rd time and 3rd consecutive year that we’re performing at Sentosa Merlion Park. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday instead of the weekend so not many people turned up for the earlier performance at 5.30pm. We had a second performance at 7.30pm and that one was definitely much better and more fuller sound with more people performing with us.



another caroling down!


The entire group after both performances πŸ™‚

24th Dec – Goodwood Park

Our last and final caroling for the year was on Christmas Eve at Goodwood Park. Keep in mind that we had to wake up early for mass the following morning and we were all singing for it too! We had 2 performances that night as well. One at 7.00pm and the next at 8.00pm.


Photo taking after our performance! πŸ˜€


The Sopranos πŸ˜€


Collage of the sections. Guys were just combined πŸ˜›


Nice, normal picture of the group.


This is our fun shot. LOL!

Im glad to be part of this group. πŸ™‚

Daughters of St Paul Concert 2015

We were asked to perform for the Daughters of St Paul concert in November last year. A small group of us were formed and I was really blessed to be able to perform alongside these talented people! πŸ™‚

The concert was to take place at 2 different locations – Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and Risen Christ.

There were weekly trainings leading up to the event and it was indeed a rewarding event. We had so much fun..

The OLPS concert was on a Friday night. We reported early to set up and warm up before the performance.


The girls who performed.


This was our entire group πŸ™‚ we were the backup choir..


Us before the concert started at OLPS..

The next night, we were at Risen Christ. It was indeed a tiring day for all of us as we had choir practice, mass and then the concert after that.


The girls because the guys were not needed for some songs πŸ˜›


My sister and I with Sr Tracey after the concert.


Sr Jocelyn and us πŸ™‚


Nat & Nat πŸ˜›


Some of the sisters with the priests that were helping out for the concert as well.

It was indeed a very memorable night and we are so blessed to be apart of it πŸ™‚

my boring life.

jie bought me this polaroid propack camera.. DAMN NICE!!!!!! but it’s quite heavy.. comes with an external flash also!!!! damn awesome!!!!!

this Nasi Lemak only cost me $2!!!!!! awesome right.. met alvin last wednesday in nyp to study.. i got lost trying to find the prata canteen cos it was the first time back in nyp after a very long time.. BUT!!!!! the nasi lemak was awesome.. YAY!!! and we had macs for lunch.. which was super cheap as well.. heehee.. we discussed IHRM and i saw priscilla koh from secondary school.. damn long ago.. hahaha..

i asked Lex about the iPhone 4 casings that he’s selling and he gave me these pics..

super awesome covers right!!! and i love the suede backing!!!! oh yeah.. so i went online and chose THIS COLOUR!!!!! πŸ˜€

it’s red btw πŸ˜€ to see more, check out and like the page!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

had church at night for the actors practice.. did some random things in TP interchange and met jeff.. jie was coming to meet us and we took this pic and sent it to her to find out where we were.. hahahaha.. but we were sitting at the hdb hub atrium like all the aunties and uncles.. hahahaha.. so we went to eat at the coffeeshop opposite bata..

had yummy chicken rice and ribena!!! i bought the ribena when i went to jusco on monday.. hahaha.. damn happy!!!! πŸ™‚

on thursday, after sending mum and sis to work.. i came back home before going to lex’s place to pick up my iPhone casing.. we had breakfast near CCK mrt and now i have a brand new casing!!!!!! came home and watched friends.. and im still watching friends.. AHHHHH!!!!!!!

on friday, i went back to NYP by myself to study.. i had prata for breakfast!!!! πŸ˜€

one kosong and one egg prata.. YAY!!!! cheapest roti prata ever!!!! $1.90 i love poly prices!!!! πŸ™‚ hahaha..

i bought this coffee since i was pretty tired and i love it!!! caramel to perk u up.. whee!!!! did some work and then i left cos i got bored with IHRM.. OMG!!!! i can’t seem to study.. haiz..

came back home to my furry little doggy πŸ˜€ so cute right!!!!! πŸ™‚ was gonna meet jie at raffles city to buy my new polaroid film..

the mrt control station was damn crowded.. i forgot it was a friday night.. haiz.. we went to excelsior shopping centre and walked around and found the film.. FP-100C damn big.. hahaha.. headed back to raffless city shopping centre for dinner.. we went to the Hand Burger.. jie had a voucher..



this was what we ordered!!! we both had the works burger and calamari.. πŸ˜€ our dinner only cost $9.. hahahahaha!!! after our dinner, we headed home.. and i continued watching friends.. haiz..

on saturday, had facial with mum and jie at Lancome Institute in Goodwood Park..

after that, i took the train to raffles place and walked to the marina promontory to meet gwen for B&J Chunkfest.. it was muddy!!!!! and troop, korkor bryan and audrey were there.. had a burger then gwen, troop and i went back to their place.. had miscommunication with tua ee and she was waiting for us at tanjong pagar.. lol.. so we was watching anger management and then left for church with gwen.. took a cab there and then teo teo and tua ee picked us up and we went for dinner at pasir pangjang food centre.. had char kway teow and satay for dinner and they dropped us off at robertson quay.. we watched the adventures of the mad chinaman.. dick lee’s story since his birth until 1989.. there’s going to be a sequel in april next year!!!!! πŸ™‚

tua ee picked us up and she sent me home.. yay!!!! πŸ™‚ saw an accident at the cross-junction of robertson quay..

on sunday, jie took the car to dance and mum and i took snowie for a walk.. she’s damn bad to snowie!!! and damn bad to me too.. she was telling me how guys don’t like bitches and i was like.. WHAT?? U THINK I’M A BITCH???? and she’s like no no no no no!!!!!! oh wells.. and then we came back and she made lunch and it was HORRIBLE!!!! she thought she put ketchup in the spaghetti but she put chilli in it.. omg!!!! and then i watched more friends and now i’m onto the last season.. we went to esmirada’s at orchard tower for dinner..

it was restaurant week so jie booked dinner for all of us and we sat outside..

jie and i.. we all dressed up πŸ™‚ heehee.. but the front camera isn’t really good.. haiz.. and my face is damn oily 😦 oh wells.. it was hot and humid and we were so flustered we moved in for dessert.. came home after that and watched friends somemore.. OMG!!! something is wrong with me!!!!! 😦

random things in the past week.

these are some pics i took when i went to bedok food centre again.. was craving for sambal stingray AGAIN.. hahaha..

so i had my sambal stingray, or luak and satay again πŸ™‚ and of cos, the nice cold cheng tng πŸ™‚ bought back 2 for mama and mummy who shared one and i had the other the next day..

on friday, mummy took the day off and we went to spend the day together πŸ˜€ was planning to go to pulau ubin to cycle but the thought of the ferry ride back and forth was a turn off, so we decided to go to town and walk arnd.. slept in cos it was raining and then left arnd 11 and sent mama to shaw centre before parking at taka and walked to H&M.. saw some of the clothes and then we went for lunch at Jones the grocer in Mandarin Gallery.. we heard that the soup of the day was clam chowder when it was actually HAM chowder.. fail moment much.. hahaha.. so anw, we had ham chowder, some potato wedges and a mushroom risotto which filled us up.. and of cos, english breakfast tea after lunch to fill up the tummy πŸ™‚

we went to Snail’s after that to do our nails.. i got silver nails πŸ™‚

after which, we went to talk around kinokuniya.. then we went to ion to look at prologue to see if she cld find any calligraphy books cos i got discount.. but didn’t have in the end so we went back to kinokuniya where she didn’t manage to buy any of her calligraphy books.. but i bought the final book of Archie Digest!!! where Archie marries Veronica and if Archie marries Betty.. damn sad, they don’t say who he ends up marrying in the end.. haiz! oh wells.. we were at coffee club having salad and some drinks, waiting for time to pass to pick up the sister and head to ikea to get furniture..

after God knows how long, jie decided to get a study table for herself as the shoe rack was too low and gave her a backache.. so she bought a similar table to mine without the extra cupboard at the side but she picked up an additional pedestal.. i managed to fix both of it up without ruining my $80 manicure.. freaking expensive can!!!! omg.. so yeah.. glad that my mani is still intact πŸ™‚

the weekend was alrite.. sent mum to SPI then sang for a wedding.. im getting sick of singing for weddings.. we’ve done like what.. 5 this year?? and there’s like 2-3 more at the end of the year?? haiz!!!! and fr sim’s 10 rules are always the same.. lol.. oh wells..

i liked what the booklet read.. “i asked him what wedding he wished for…. he said one that would make me his wife” AHHH!!! *swoon* that is JUST AWESOME LA!!!!

had reception and dropped jeff off at the bus stop before heading home.. came home and CRASHED.. i was so sleepy and only woke up to go to church.. my final psalm of the year.. was an arabian feeling and jeff said i did pretty good!!! which made me happy! πŸ˜€

went for dinner with mama and mummy at serangoon ave 2.. no idea why, despite the 2nd time being there, a kid always pukes.. ugh.. disgusting.. had the claypot chicken rice for dinner which mama and i shared but mum had her laksa and finished it even before our food came -_-” hahaha.. da-baoed the rest.. this is how the claypot looked like..

yummeh eh!!! $8 claypot rice that can be shared by 3 pple..

on sunday, went for lunch at imperial treasure at great world city with the extended relatives.. woke up early on sunday morning and went for a walk/jog with snowie in tow cos we’ll be leaving her behind for a few hours by herself locked up in the kitchen..

snowie and i when we got back and i was getting ready to go out.. after that jog/walk, i was aching the next day and feeling exhausted.. no idea why!!! anw, went for dim sum lunch, then to aunty pat’s house where we had dessert and then dropped mum off at goodwood park before heading home with mama..

when we got home, snowie was really cute!!! she was in the kitchen and i checked if she made a mess in the yard.. but she didn’t.. so, when i was changing the newspaper, she suddenly grabbed something from under the door and bolted out of the kitchen.. not bothering abt her yet, i went to do my own stuff.. then i was trying to find her.. she wasn’t in my room, wasn’t in mum’s room and i went to the living room to check under the couch, she wasn’t there.. i found her on the carpet, hidden by the coffee table and she was eating her treat.. the treat i gave her 5 hours ago before we left the house.. she managed to keep the treat intact because she wanted to eat it on the carpet.. SUCH A FUNNY DOG!!! omg.. was laughing at her.. but she cldn’t be bothered.. like “hey, im having my treat, ure not!” hahaha.. hilarious la.. so after that i put together my sister’s table..

awesome rite!!!!! hahaha.. then i spent the rest of the evening/night watching FRIENDS!!! πŸ˜€ halfway there already!!! πŸ™‚

on monday, sent the mother and sister to work and i came back home and crashed again.. super sleepy.. then woke up and did the pedestal.. but i didn’t take a pic of it :S oh wells.. went to walk arnd the airport before going to pick the sis up from work and headed to kallang!!!! we were gonna catch WESTLIFE GRAVITY TOUR at the indoor stadium!!! damn excited.. we had brewerkz for dinner and we over-ordered.. hahaha.. bolognaise spaghetti, beef and chilli fries and a magarita pizza.. i had a shirley temple and jie had some honey apricot beer but she didn’t like it after a while and we swapped..

went in and then went to get our seats slightly before 8pm..

waiting excitedly for westlife to come on.. but they only started the concert at abt 840pm..


i really love shane filan!!! i think he’s THE cutest out of the four of them πŸ˜› my preference πŸ™‚ hahahaha!!! went home after the concert at abt 1030pm.. we chionged after the encore cos we didn’t want to get caught with the mad crowd!!! and i saw some pple running to the stadium station.. haha.. damn funny.. got abit lost but managed to get home in the end πŸ™‚

ok, im going to sleep now.. will update more soon!

Voyage De La Vie

Pamela’s dad managed to get me a pair of tickets to watch Voyage De La Vie at RWS when i expressed interest to watch it.. I thought he was getting the 5pm show for me, but in the end, he got me the 8.30pm one and i was super excited. I had to sing psalm for mass so i couldn’t miss it.. but after getting tics for the 8.30pm one, cldn’t have been happier.. i asked august if he wanted to go with me cos he was also interested in seeing it, but he wasn’t free.. so i asked ruizhi.. and thankfully, he said yes! so he was driving and picked me up from church after mass.. he was late.. haiz.. and it was going to rain.. prayed very hard that he’d arrive before it rained.. and then i ran cos he totally went past me -_-” anw, we managed to get to sentosa on time and went in to watch the show.. we got pretty good seats.. near the front, almost centre and i didn’t sit at the isle.. hahah.. thank God.. people always asked to go and do funny stuff when u sit at the isles.. anw, before the show started, the contortionist and some prim and proper lady with a cute umbrella were parading.. then came some reptile thingys.. and they were climbing over the chairs.. the guy used my shoulder to get infront.. when they started coming down, someone screamed cos she got a shock.. then i was like eh! they’re coming down behind us also!!!

just realised that jonathan leong was supposed to be the lead, but for that night, it was some other guy.. the cast is very talented and i’m so happy i got to watch it.. here’s the synopsis of the show:

“Voyage de la Vie”- “Journey of Life”- tells a Boy’s metaphoric Β journey to adulthood. Join the boy on an adventure to discover his identity as he meets memorable characters like the mysterious Lantern Keeper and the Crystal Cat. Told through energetic dance, athletic circus acts, and catchy songs, catch Singapore’s first theatrical circus spectacular at Resorts World Sentosa.

Taken from:

Although the theatre wasn’t filled, it was good nonetheless.. the people sitting behind us kept commenting through out the show cos i think this is their 2nd time watching? then say like here’s the shocking part, they didn’t have this that time.. etc etc etc.. omg.. i found the maestro and the magician damn funny!!! they actually SLICED the guy into two and brought him apart.. and put him back tgt.. DAMN GOOD!!!!! the juggler is also very good.. they had this dragon thing on top and when he reached up a ball would drop from its mouth.. he’s damn good la.. and the lady behind was like: i can also do it.. and i was like -_-”

anw, this was taken after the show

and we walked around the hotel for a while.. went to USS entrance and i just realised the “smoke” thingy underneath the globe is actually water vapour.. omg.. call me slow, but i thought it was like dry ice or something.. and it looked more magical at night.. some boys were playing around the globe and it almost looked like they cld get lost in it.. hahahaha..

this picture was taken weirdly cos i was using the front camera and i cldn’t get the globe in it.. hahahaha.. only with rz’s help then can take with the stoops globe.. there’s Candylicious in RWS also!!!! this one is much bigger than the one in Taka.. but i think they sell abt the same things.. showed him this skittles toy that is like a wand and lights up when u press a button.. we agreed it looked wrong.. hahaha.. and i saw the small trolleys and i was like AHHH!!! i want one!!! then he’s like what r u going to use it for? then im like haiz, u men are all so logical.. see it can move leh!!!! anw, its like $12 for it.. but it’s so cute!!! and they made trolleys for kids so that they can push it and use it to put the stuff they wanna buy.. this candy shop concept is quite good.. provide a niche for kids and then draw parents in also cos kids want to go in there.. wanted to have sugar free ice cream but they were selling out fast and i hadn’t had dinner 😦

went to Al-ameen for supper in woodsgrove.. had nasi goreng ikan bilis and my usual ice teh cino πŸ™‚ hahaha.. next time i have to drink abit of the milk first before stirring.. that’s what was recommended la.. will try it next time.. ate and then he sent me back all the way to my doorstep and he met snowie.. hahaha..

still thinking of what to do for my birthday.. haiz!!!! want to go to pulau ubin to cycle.. mummy says ok! but i dunno if she can cycle/spend the whole day there.. lol.. i haven’t been going for zumba also.. been what, 3 weeks? i forgot that i’m ok alrdy and i forgot abt zumba.. should get a move on..

on another note, im glad i’ve already finished my int’l human resource mgmt essay that’s due tmr! πŸ˜€ usually i’d stay up until like 1, 2am to finish it.. but im done with it alrdy.. jus need to print it out πŸ˜€

ok, one last pic before i go..

he was really dressed up for it.. i was wearing jeans, a nice top and my kate spade flats.. everyone else that went for the show were underdressed.. even came in shorts and slippers!! o.0 oh wells..

it was a good weekend πŸ™‚