As time passes

Well, today I can say my child is 7 months and a day old. How did we manage it so far? It’s pretty darn hard I would say. There are definitely good days and definitely bad days. Somehow when the bad outweighs the good, when the good comes, the bad is forgotten. Thanks to the mummy brain. I’m more forgetful (or maybe it’s cos I’m not working and thus don’t really need to use my brain) about the little things. But I try. I try really hard.

When Nate was 6 months, he started sleeping through the night. We call it STTN and it’s about 7-8 hours. He would sleep by 8pm and wake up around 4-6am for a feed. We were so elated about it then. We could even play L4D2 when he is in his cot sleeping.

And then….. he went for his vaccination. I remember it clearly. It was the day before Mel & James’ wedding. We thought he would be fine, as with all vaccines before. But boy, were we wrong.

This vaccine was the 6-in-1 and pneumococcal jab. So it was 2 jabs on each thigh. It was a painful ordeal. The previous jabs he only had a slight fever. But this time, he had a fever throughout the night and had difficulty sleeping. Nic and I woke up to give him paracetamol. The first time we opened it sinceย  we got it from his first vaccine when he was a month old. He didn’t take to the medicine well. And most was on his romper. We didn’t sleep much so we needed the entire day to recover – both Nic and I.

After that night, he ended up waking for 2-3 feeds per night. After putting him to bed at 8pm, he would wake up about 12mn and then 4-5am for another feed. Poor Nic, he was doing the night feed and sadly, it got worse. The timings became more erratic and sometimes I could hear him cry murder when Nic went to make milk/change his diaper.

Yesterday, we were helping a friend sing for a friend’s wedding. And yet again, Nate decided to test us by giving us a horrid night. We could not not attend this wedding. He woke up at 11pm, 3am and then 6am and about an hour before Nic fed him. Seeing Nic and hearing that he already fed Nate twice, I helped him out in the morning so he could get a bit more sleep.

We managed to get to the church on time. Nate couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep at all. I think this is cos we hardly go out so when we are out, he wants to take in as much as he can. Until he can’t take it anymore, then he will sleep.

After the mass, we had some food and dropped jie and gerard in town before heading back. On the way back, Nate started making noise and then fell asleep. I drove a longer route so that both him and Nic can rest in the car a bit more.

When we got home, Nic took care of Nate while I went to sleep. When I woke up, I didn’t feel so good. I went down to buy lunch and after having lunch, didn’t feel very good. But managed to make some puree for Nate. I tried to sleep but was feeling nauseous. Nic went down to buy dinner and brought Nate with him when I finally fell asleep.

Nic came back and told me he dropped by the massage shop and spoke to the owner about my headache. So I went down and had a shoulder massage to ease it. When I came home, I couldn’t finish dinner. But went ahead to take vitamins. I think it was due to all the water I drank, I finally puked.

I felt a bit better but then before sleeping, I felt I had the urge again but I hate puking and I didn’t want to. So I went to bed. Halfway through the night, I woke up because of Nic’s snoring and he went outside to sleep.

Miraculously, we all slept through till 6am. I woke up several times during the night because of the amount of water I drank. But when I went out at 6am to ask Nic to come back into the room, he said that he didn’t feed Nate all night.

So, we suspect that Nic and Nate were annoying each other and waking each other up. HAHAHAHA. It’s a vicious cycle really. Nic snore, Nate stirs, wakes up and wants to drink milk before going back to sleep and Nic is tired. And the whole process repeats itself. We didn’t have such a good night’s rest in a while. I think this is why today feels like a much better day for us.

We are more patient and less irritable. It’s really difficult taking care of a baby during the night. But somehow we managed to pull through. Well, Nic managed to pull through. And I am so thankful for that.

I hope that this solves one of the problems we have been having so far because we know that Nate can sleep through the night.


Having a baby

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since Nathanael came.. Maybe I should share what the birth experience was like… Also, backlogging my posts because I didn’t have the energy/feels to do it when I was in my third trimester.

So let me recap what happened…..

Nathanael was supposed to be due on 22nd Feb (2 days ago actually). Since our 36th week of pregnancy, we were told to come back weekly for check up with the gynae.. On our 37th week check up, I mentioned to the doctor that Nathanael was moving less in my tummy, although he still moves, it wasn’t as active as before. He took an ultrasound and deemed that everything was ok, his development was fine, the amniotic fluid was fine.

However, on our 38th week, I told him that he still isn’t as active as before and when he scanned, he noticed that the amniotic fluid was low and told us that we had to induce labour for the baby to come out..

The reason is this: Amniotic fluid in the womb is actually the baby’s pee. If the fluid is low, it means that the baby isn’t peeing enough which in turn suggests that the placenta is no longer efficient in providing the baby nutrients to grow..

As he is already 38 weeks along and fully developed by then, the doctor told us that the baby can come out already the next day.. We definitely weren’t ready for that! It was only the beginning of Feb when we found out..

So that day, when my husband went back to work, I went home and got ready most of the baby things.. Thank God we packed the hospital bag when we hit the final trimester and got everything that the baby needed before he came..

I put the mattress cover over the mattress, anticipating to do it that weekend instead.. Checked and double checked that we had everything.. Mum came in the evening and Nick came home early from work.. We did our last minute packing and then we went to mum’s place for dinner and rested until it was time to check into the hospital..

Our gynae kept emphasizing to check in after 12mn as any earlier would have additional charges and it would be considered a day’s stay. So after mn, we checked into the delivery suite and there, we waited..

I was dilated at 2cm which did not seem to be opening at all. So at 1am, a nurse inserted a pill into the vagina and we rested.. However, when my doctor came in the morning, he asked why I looked so comfortable.. Apparently, the pill didn’t work.. So he manually burst my water bag at 7am.. I was quite sad because I thought he could come out early and it was definitely a waiting game at this point in time..

There was another couple who checked in about the same time as us and they were out of the delivery suite by morning.. So imagine how sad I was that I had to spend MORE time in the delivery suite..

After the water bag burst, I still didn’t want an epidural but I wasn’t ready for how bad the contractions were to come. I thought using the laughing gas would suffice but it wasn’t.. I felt like I was inhaling plastic and gave up after a while.. Our gynae came before lunch time to check up on us but I was only dilated 3-4cm.. I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I requested for an epidural..

I was scared when the epidural was inserted and moved quite a bit but the anesthetist was super skilled and he put it in with no problem.. and thankfully the nurse was there and I held her hand because the contractions were painful and I was scared..

Right after the epidural was inserted, the pain was gone.. I relaxed much easier and even managed to sleep for a while.. Then, it was lunch time, so I told Nick to go and have his lunch and then come back and hopefully the baby will be out..

Just when he left, I felt the contractions coming in strong again.. I thought the epidural isn’t working.. I called for a nurse and she upped the amount of epidural.. I could feel like I needed to pass motion and needed to push.. She checked my dilation and I was up to 9cm.. FINALLY!! Just 1cm more to go then the baby can come out.. At that time, Nick was still having lunch and the nurse started prepping for the arrival of the little one.. I was getting excited.. like finally, we can leave this cold place!

When Nick came back, he thought I had given birth but I told him I can give birth already.. LOL.. We waited for the doctor to arrive.. Before he arrived, 2 nurses came in and asked me to push so that the baby’s head would be 10% out by the time our gynae arrived..

I pushed a few times and she said very good!! can see the head!! nick went to see and he was like OMG I CAN SEE HIS HEAD! hahaha.. he has hair!! it was quite funny.. and then on another push, they told me to stop and just rest.. And they said the baby was sliding out by himself.. I thought he was sliding back in..

Anyway, our gynae finally arrived and I gave 1.5 pushes and Nathanael was out! After that everything happened so fast.. Nick cut the umbilical cord and then oversaw the baby when the nurse was checking him and our gynae was stitching me up and removing the placenta..

We requested for some skin contact time and it was nice ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually look refreshed in the pictures because I didn’t have to push so much.. The pushing and delivering of the baby only took 15-20mins? But the labour part to dilate took WAAAAYYYY ย much longer.. 14hrs to be exact.. It was a super long labour.. But I’m glad we didn’t have to do an emergency c-sect..

Then, we were pushed to our single-bedded ward which was super nice at St Raphael Ward in Mount Alvernia Hospital. It was one of the older wards as there was a new St Michael Ward but we were happy with it anyways..

The next few days were a huge blur as so many people came and visited us at the hospital and then we were discharged from the hospital 2 days later..

What happened all this time?

Well, a lot has happened since getting married. Firstly, it was a breath of relief once the wedding day was over and the renovations for our flat was done. However, not everything was done up in our house because we were waiting for HIP (Home Improvement Programme) to be done. This was where the government renovated all the toilets in blocks that are more than 30 years old. I’ve seen the contractors shift from one column of blocks to another until they came round to my block. Our HIP was scheduled for end July and ends in early August. They have a total of 10 working days (excluding Sundays) to fix the toilets for us.

We were contemplating whether to stay in or stay out of the house during this period. Due to a condition (where I will share more about in another post), we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to shift out because the amount of dust is just… HORRIFYING. the lift landing was super dusty and the lift itself was dusty. The column that I was in has 4 units sharing a common lift. Multiplied by 12 storeys and when the HIP started, it was going on concurrently at least 2 columns of units at one time. So the lift was pretty difficult to assess to. At least I could walk down one flight of stairs and go to another lift at the other side of the block. The congestion was just too much to bear. And I felt especially bad because these workers actually gave way to the residents before taking the lifts up themselves. Imagine the waiting time! And they were taking the lifts to transport gates, doors, toilet accessories etc which was just sad!

So we spent 2 weeks at my mum’s place where I found it SUPER convenient (it’s in Toa Payoh btw) and I was just amazed at how CONVENIENT it was for me to get ANYWHERE. I can go to PS for my facials, head to Chinatown Point for work if I need to and get home by taking NEL to Woodleigh before changing to a bus which stops on the same side as their house. And I could see Snowie everyday to boot! I miss Snowie actually. Her silliness and nonsense self. hahaha.

HIP ended early August but we didn’t shift back immediately because there were more things to be done to our house. We held back fixing furniture in the master bedroom because of the works that were to be done for HIP. So we waited another week for that to be done. Then had to wait yet another week because we were getting the painters in to repaint our place. We put up plastic sheets all over the house and when we tore the masking tape away, after about 2 weeks, paint was dropping from everywhere. So our ID got the painters to come in and do it once again for us.

Then after that, we had to wait for some movers to come back to help us fix furniture that my great aunt gave us. It was pretty solid wood and in relatively good condition as they were migrating. So our entire house is FINALLY done as of today ๐Ÿ™‚

However, we still need to buy a couch and unpack 3 more boxes of stuff before we have really “shifted” in. Really funny isn’t it. We’ve been staying here since May but only until end Aug have we really settled in.

I’m really happy with how the entire house turned out, albeit for the dust that we’re encountering with now. HAHA.

Anyway, what really happened since May? Well, I was feeling majorly unwell for 3 whole weeks. That I thought it was because I was trying to adjust this new found “freedom” and staying alone in the house all day. Being cooped up and bored and basically just not feeling like doing anything. But things got a bit better and now I’m finally settling into things with my new part time job and housecleaning etc.

Well, this has been a pretty long update but seriously, so much has happened since I shifted.


now that my helper has gone back home for a 2 week holiday, I’m now spending more time with my dog. Funny how we take for granted, someone who helps us feed, walk, change their tray for the pooch. It’s actually quite tiring. When my helper woke up, snowie would wake us up to open the door. Now that she’s not here to wake up in the morning, I can’t just open the door and let snowie out. I need to go and fill her bowl with food and change the papers in the tray after she has done her business.

Anyway, here are some pictures of le furry friend.


she’s pretty attentive when she wants to eat. In this case – apples!


I love how her tail moves. It’s so cute! >.<


getting her to obey some commands.


I think it’s funny when her tail disappears. LOL.

Wise no more

I decided to get my wisdom teeth extracted before I start work at a new company. It has been on my mind since May 2015, ever since the dentist told me that the wisdom teeth on my right side has not grown properly.

I made an appointment at Smile Dentalย (East Coast Road) because the dentist I was recommended (Dr Chan) was located there.

After hearing sooooo many horror stories about getting wisdom teeth removed, I was a bit sceptical on whether I should drive there or not. Because of the local anaesthesia and what nots. I was also told that if it was surgical, I can claim medisave. I brought Agnes along with me because I was afraid I would not be able to make it back by myself. We took a bus there and back. I was 30mins early for my appointment. After registering myself, they brought me up to the dentist’s office and I waited for the assistant to call me.

He took a look at my teeth and heard my grievances and then told me what my options were. Apparently, my bite has a gap. And being 26, my wisdom teeth are not going to grow out any more. Also, because of the gap, food tends to get stuck in it and sometime my cheek will get an ulcer because of the friction and being bitten on. haha. Either I maintain my teeth well and put more fillers so that food would not get stuck, or I pluck them out. I did the latter. The previous dentist I went to told me that it would cost about $500 or more to surgically remove my wisdom teeth. Also because x-rays would need to be done to see how the bottom tooth is growing, cos it could be pushing against the rest of the teeth.

However, this dentist asked if I had the x-rays, to which I didn’t have. And didn’t even request for me to take the x-rays. He just said that he’ll extract my wisdom teeth there and then.

First, he applied some numbing cream on my gum and then took a huge ass syringe and needle and started injecting LA into it. He then requested for a 2nd cartridge and started poking my gums with it. After that, he told me to wait outside for 5-10mins for the LA to take effect. But I kinda felt the effect quite immediately.

Anyway, I waited outside and then went back in. Then he started the extraction. It really felt like a surgery room because he was requesting for forceps. But I guess that’s to grab onto the tooth and haul ass it out of the gums. He did the top one and then moved onto the bottom one. He had to hold my head in place while he used brute force to loosen the bottom tooth and then pluck it out. I was actually thinking that he’s damn strong la! So yeah. I decided to keep the teeth! They didn’t wash it for me though. It was like, all red and bloody. With flesh sticking to it. LOL.

After that, I went back to reception and waited to be called to make payment. Since it was just extraction, it was super affordable! SGD$110 per tooth! Painkillers and gauze included. My right side of the mouth just felt numb and sore.


The one on the left with the filling is the bottom wisdom tooth, while the one on the top is the right.


Dr Chan also explained to me that the roots for the bottom and top teeth are different. With the top having 3 roots together, while the bottom only has 2. My bottom wisdom tooth was actually decaying (there’s some black parts). But I’m just so glad that it’s out now. The pain subsided after 3 days and I could eat normally already.

I’ve been sleeping so much I’m not sure if it’s cos my body is recovering from the trauma of having both teeth forcefully taken out. Since the 2nd day, I had this itchy feeling in the gums. Which, according to everyone, means that my gums are healing. But it’s not fast enough! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anw, I’m just glad that there are no stitches or drilling involved and that I can function almost normally on the first day. I guess that lots of bed rest is needed for the body to repair itself despite feeling ok.

I’m just glad that I don’t need to pluck out the ones on my left side. LOL.

The Power of Love


A simple four letter word yet hold so much that make people happy, excited, hurt and sad at the same time. Bittersweet yet endearing is the word Love.

A good way to describe this Love is from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

4ย Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5ย It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6ย Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7ย It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8ย Love never fails.

In a nutshell, love is sacrificial, love is unconditional.

Jesus Christ gave up his life for the love of the people. The lay people who, the bulk of which, condemned him because of fear. Jesus saw the bigger picture though. This kind of love is sacrificial and unconditional. Despite the cruelty that he was put through, he still gave up his life for us. We may never find this kind of love now in this self-centred world. But we can come close to it.

The thing about love is that you have to love yourself first. If you’re happy with yourself, others can see the love you have for yourself and will be drawn to you.

And when you do find that partner for life, you should know that when you love the person, it means loving them the way they are – flaws, habits, good points, bad points. Don’t go into a relationship expecting to change a person. Because 100% of the time, it doesn’t happen.

God is love. And when you have felt His love, it is the best feeling in the world. The graces and blessings that were showered upon you. I have seen with my own eyes the transformation of my life. No more bearing grudges, sometimes I do have difficulty letting go of things but eventually I’ll get there. The love bestowed from Him shows me that love is infinite. There is no end to it. There’s no “I’ve given you 100% of my love, that’s all there is”. No, there’s no such thing. When in love, you and your partner grow together and more often than not, help each other grow. That’s the beauty of love. Yes, sometimes you may get annoyed with each other, but they are your best friend. And happiness is what you bring to each others lives. They are not the be all and end all of your happiness. You are your own happiness. Your partner is not responsible for your happiness. If they are, you are an emotional sucker. A person who sucks the emotional energy out of someone else to gain from it. That’s not what love is. Love thrives on giving.ย Only in giving, will we be able to experience true joy and happiness. Don’t you want to see your partner or others happy? Don’t you want to bring meaning to their lives?

What I learnt dating an engineer

An engineer is very unique. At least to me. I’ve never had much engineer friends until recently when I stumbled upon a few. I think it’s also because I was doing business and my school had no engineer courses.

Anyway, I learnt so much while dating an engineer and in fact, I’m still learning. He never fails to amaze me and when I get annoyed or upset with him, he always manages to turn it around and make me laugh instead.

1. Communication
Let’s face it. They are the most logical people on earth. Even if you drop hints on what you want for your birthday or anniversaries, I highly doubt he will get it on the first hint. Don’t be scared or shy, just tell him what you want. They will be super grateful because their brains are programmed that way. They can’t really take hints. So if you want something, just say it.

Communication has to be very open with them. I wasn’t very open with my communication until I met him. In the past, I would throw tantrums and stew inside while the other person doesn’t know I’m upset with him. I think the engineer I’m dating is very different, either that, or I have changed but whatever the reason, it seems to be doing my life better now ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, being a girlfriend of an engineer is not easy when I have time to check my phone and don’t see much texts from him. This is because he is in his zone. They do have this zone they get in.. Especially when they’re programming or really engrossed in their work that everything else is blocked out. Well, be thankful! Because it means he’s doing his job and when you meet him, you know that all of his attention is on you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is pretty adorable.. So there were news about a sale on amazon because of black friday.. He asked me what I thought about a kindle. and I told him that I have one.. passed down to me from my mum.. It was hers at first, bought when I was in Boston but then she decided she wanted the kindle fire, so bought that for herself instead. The only reason why I don’t use the kindle is because I dont want to purchase books.. HAHA. i know.. doesnt make sense.. I have 3 bookshelves of books and yet I dont want to purchase e-books. but, I just can’t explain it.. ok, back to the point, he wanted to buy a kindle for me but I already told him I have one.. reinforces the fact that they are open communicators..

All in all, they would very much appreciate your input about your thoughts, feelings, and how they can make your life better and more fulfilling. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Being romantic is not one of their strengths
I don’t fault them for it. Some may have read about romanticism or are romantic by nature. But those are the minority. However, to encourage them to be romantic, drop them ideas like walking along the beach or having a picnic. They’re very good at storing these kind of information in their brains. So when an opportunity comes up, they will look back at their archives and pick out something you suggested.

3. They remember (almost) everything
Not so much about what happened during your dates, but things like your favourite colour, and things that you don’t outrightly tell them. Like I wanted to buy a shoulder bag because it’s easier to carry in the MRT.. Or the fact that I wanted to get a pair of fit flops, he brought me to try it out, but I didn’t like them in the end so it was money saved. Haha. Little things like that. Which movie I want to watch, what I want to do in life. Whether I mentioned about attending an art course or doing something more creative, they remember and would remind you once in a while. I guess it’s perhaps they know they don’t take hints very well, but when some random thought just forms on your lips, they remember it. Even if you don’t. And they surprise you by talking about it.

4. They don’t mind trying new things with you
Everything is about spending time with you. We all crave for the physical connection and yes, this also amounts to spending quality time together. And they are quite game at doing things that you want to do. Do some art or see an exhibit? Why not? If it’s about transformers, even better! Hahahaha. To all geeks and geekettes out there, singapore science centre is having a transformers exhibition until 1 March 2015. Tickets are at $30 for adults, $22 for children. Don’t say I never share. Lol.


5. They are problem solvers
Whenever I am stuck in a situation I’m not sure how to solve, I can bring it to him and he has suggestions for me. Which I’m thankful for. They do provide a different point of view. However, sometimes too much of a good thing can become annoying. These times, when I feel like ranting and need a listening ear, they will still come up with solutions for you even though your face shows discomfort and anguish.

I have a solution for you girls, before you rant, have a disclaimer that you want a listening ear. Then, they will quietly listen. Which brings me to my next point….

6. They are excellent listeners and are always there for you
When you disclaim to them that you would like to rant. Lol. That being said, they are very supportive of you and will be there to listen whenever you need them. Sometimes when I have trouble and can’t think straight, no matter when I call (when his phone is on), he will always answer it and be there for me.

7. They are loyal
I don’t know what is in their genetic make up that makes them loyal, but they are really very loyal. You can count on them to be at your side no matter what. But when they know you’re wrong, they are kind enough to point it out tactfully. Also, they do care for you to a fault, but it’s really more of the gestures that show their care and concern for you.

8. They are intelligent
They love learning. And honestly, they already have a lot of knowledge in their brain. I once met an engineer who took up courses on udacity and coursera just because. I think he enjoyed getting the certs, I don’t know what’s in them but they never want to stop learning. Their thirst for knowledge is admirable. Probably because I’m lazy. But then, I realise engineers are lazy bums too, because they find ways to make their lives easier. They are really good at life hacks. Lol.

9. They are super IT savvy
But it would be just wrong to take advantage of it. Yes, they do know a bit more about networks and trouble shooting. But don’t be a bimbo and use them to try to fix your computer for free. If you do that, shame on you! I had some problem with getting the wifi in my room. My engineer bought me a wifi router and set it up for me and I was super grateful because I could then play L4D with less disconnections.

10. They’re always up for a challenge
Ok, so I may be the instigator who always tells him “challenge accepted”. He may think that I can pull it off but then I don’t think I can… Thus, a challenge! Actually, it’s always about the ego. Hahahahaha. But they’re willing to adapt and challenge themselves and it’s kinda fun… Lol.

Just remember, an engineer is very loyal and logical. If they adore you, like mine does, they treat you like a princess and love you for who you are. I can never be more grateful and thankful for having this engineer in my life. He contributes to my life positively and I’m grateful for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Trying a new route home

I’ve seen bus 951E from my office and on my way to work when we drove before. However, now that Mum wants my sis and I to pay for season parking, we decided to commute by train. Mainly because we cannot afford it. So we’ve been taking the train for about 2 weeks now and have more or less gotten used to it. But I wondered if there was a significantly easier way to get home via bus. I did want to try the express bus once but I got off at dhoby ghaut (before it hit the highway) to meet my sis and we trained home. Lol.

So, yesterday after work, I took the express bus. However, because some old lady was blocking my way, I couldn’t get a good seat and had to sit at the handicapped chair that faces backwards. It was a bit uncomfortable for me but I decided to just not think abt the motion sickness I could have been feeling.

Anyway, after my office it goes to Fullerton and dhoby ghaut before going into the expressway. Once at the expressway, it took abt 30 mins to turn out at woodlands.

One of the stops is at 888 plaza. But it’s the stop along the side road and not the main road. Since my transfer bus is taken from the main road, I had to walk abt 7-8mins to the other bus stop to go home.

The total travel time was 1 he 15mins. Even though I could get a seat, it wasn’t really a good one and the cost of the express bus and transfer added up to SGD$2.50 whilst the train to tanjong pagar in the mornings are only SGD$1.88 and when I go home from raffles place, it’s SGD$1.87.

Verdict – just stick to the mrt.

12 ways I know I found a keeper.

Many of us are waiting for that special someone, hoping to find the love of your life, or just a best friend to hang out with. Don’t give up! One day, when you are no more in denial, accept yourself and love yourself and others, everything will fall into place like how it’s always meant to be.

Here are some ways I know I’ve found a keeper:

1. He keeps his dates
No matter how he’s feeling, whether he has diarrhea or a slight fever, he makes it a point to keep to the meetup, even if I tell him it’s ok to cancel.

2. He gives awesome massages
Whenever I’m feeling tired or just sitting down doing nothing, he will start massaging my legs and arms and it feels awesome. Especially after a gym workout.

3. He sends me home no matter what time it
He makes sure I reach my door step, if we take the train, or drop me off at the lobby (if we cab).

4. He takes interest in things I like
Want to try out new brunch places/cafรฉs? Set a date, and we’ll go! Join my church choir? Sure! Why not? It’s a super blessing that we’re of the same religion so no one needs to convert each other and we have a common understanding.

5. He gives me things I like to do
Left for dead – just mentioned I liked it when I first met him. And bam! He gets me the game on steam a few weeks later when there was a discount. It’s a nice way to bond at times without spending money in a LAN shop.

6. He eats what I want to eat
Any craving that I have, he’ll suggest a place, and better yet, brings me there!!!

7. He holds my hand… Always
When we’re walking along the road, on public transport, etc. he can’t keep his hands off! ๐Ÿ™‚

8. He makes it a point to call every night
That last call of the day, last voice I hear, last face I see (if it’s video call) before sleeping. So I’ll think of him right before drifting off.

9. He doesn’t make me pay for anything
Sure, I can suggest or offer to pay for the movie or dessert. But meal time? If he splurges on me, he will. Definitely makes him the perfect gentleman.

10. He does anything and everything to make me smile/happy
My happiness transcends his. Because he knows that if I’m happy, he’s definitely happy. You know the quote from rio 2 “happy wife, happy life”? Yup, totally applicable. And if I’m having doubt about myself or what I’m doing with my life, he encourages me and I cannot be more thankful for that.

11. He makes time for me
Despite all his work in the office and school projects, he makes time for me. Even if he can’t meet up, he will call and text when he can and that’s always nice to know – that he thinks of me and wants to communicate.

12. He’s open-minded
I can talk about anything and everything with him. If there’s no communication in a relationship, then we won’t understand anything. Likewise, I have to be open-minded too. We each can have our own opinions and healthy debates. It’s not a competition between the both of us.

So yup, that’s how I know I have a keeper and if you have found yours – CONGRATULATIONS!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very happy for you ๐Ÿ˜€

are u ready for a perfect storm?

quote from katy perry’s dark horse. that song does make a lot of sense in the end.. haha.. ok..

so on the down low.. my sunday was pretty good too.. went to play badminton in the morning with the clique after like 1.5months hiatus.. haha.. it’s been a long while.. and because i fell down the night before, i tried to siam my way out of playing a lot of games.. HAHAHA! anw, jie and i left early cos jie needed to go home to bathe, change and head out to clarke quay for the famous steamboat – hai di lou huo guo.. which, i think i have to visit soon.. hahaha!

took a nap because i’ve been sleeping late.. been playing l4d the past few nights ๐Ÿ˜€ heehee.. so yeah.. took a nap then headed to town for my facial.. after that, went to liang court.. was debating on whether to park at liang court or clarke quay.. then found out clarke quay was cheaper.. hahaha.. oh wells.. walked around clarke quay cos my friend was late.. got hungry so went to find the omu place we were going to have dinner at.. it’s actually Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant in Liang Court basement 1.. We had one tori karaage omu rice demiglaze and chicken cutlet wafu sauce omu rice and fries with bacon and cheese powder..

I learnt that demiglaze is actually beef sauce.. hahaha.. i mean, i guessed it correctly.. that it was either beef or mushroom.. hahaha.. oh wells.. i like the wafu sauce cos it was lighter.. but the rice was white rice.. probably to taste the sauce.. the demiglaze was tomato rice.. that whole demiglaze omu rice was so flavourful.. but it got a bit jelat after a while.. no matter, i ate half of the demiglaze and one quarter of the wafu one and my friend finished the rest.. even though he couldn’t eat anymore.. lol.. oh wells.. the fries were good too.. and i just realised we had to close the box and shake it.. we didn’t shake it.. HAHAHA.. funny!!!

so after that, we decided to go for dessert – ice cream! he recommended this azabu sabo hokkaido ice cream at the central.. it was pretty good! i ordered green mint and milk tea.. the guy reached for green tea and i vehemently said no!! green mint!!! and i asked my friend if i said i wanted mint or tea and he said mint.. so the fella wasn’t really paying attention.. just that green can alrdy.. hmph..

anw, the ice cream melted really fast and i had to stand still and eat it cos it was dripping everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so we people watched for a while, while i was trying hard not to drip any ice cream but was unsuccessful.. LOL..

walked around after finishing my ice cream.. we walked the underpass! :O it was my first time going through it.. hahaha.. and i’ve always been intrigued by it though.. like i see pple taking pics etc.. well.. ok, stop judging.. hahaha.. we ended up at boat quay and i remembered tiff and i going there to do our napkin decoupage!

AND THEN!!! we came across the CAT CAFE!!! right when we were outside the door, the person inside came in and told us that they were just closed.. and we should make reservations especially for weekends.. because all walk-ins are turned away.. apparently.. oh wells.. i would like to go to more dog cafes though.. then i can bring snowie.. hahaha..

walked round towards victoria concert hall and ended up back at clarke quay.. it was a pretty long walk i think.. hahaha.. then headed home.. i got homemade muffins!!! chocolate chip vanilla muffins ๐Ÿ™‚ whee~

jie and i had the muffins for breakfast at work.. and my breakfast was all from my friend! hahaha.. had weetbix and muffin.. the muffin was delicious.. my sis wanted more.. my grandma and maid also had them and said it was GOOOOOODDDD..

my sis just told me that my grandma likes happy hippo.. which is kinda funny.. i bought 2 boxes.. one meant to bring to work. but i kept forgetting.. since LAST saturday! anw, i put it on the table today so i’ll remember to bring it tomorrow.. lol.. oh yeah.. so i opened one box on sunday and took out 2 pieces.. and today, i saw that that box was gone.. hahaha! so left one unopened box to bring to the office tomorrow.. yup..

ok.. go listen to dark horse if u havent! it’s awesome! the music video is even nicer.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ night~